Harmful Things Everyone Needs to Stop Using ASAP

According to a report from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, millions of people around the globe are affected by common household products each year. According to scientists that cause of those harmful effects is usually due to the chemicals used in the manufacturing of these products.

Today we have gathered a list of harmful things everyone needs to stop using ASAP

Styrofoam products

Many environmental organizations have been stressing to the fact that Styrofoam products are harmful to the environment but as it turns out, they are also not great for health as well. Styrofoam contains in it a substance called Styrene which happens to be a toxic chemical that has been associated in promoting the following medical conditions.

  • Cancer
  • Vision loss
  • Hearing disability or permanent loss
  • Damage to nervous system tissues

Whenever a person eats a warm food or a drink from these Styrofoam containers, this toxic substance latches itself into the human body.

Pressed wood products

The pressed wood products like tables in your house might be cost friendly and look great in décor; they are still harmful to health. To make these products, manufacturers use the glue to attach the different parts of timbers. This glue is made from a resin called Urea Formaldehyde that constantly ejects formaldehyde in the room.

The worst news is that more the temperature of the room, more formaldehyde these pressed wood products emit. Exposure over a long period of time can lead to the development of the following conditions.

  • Lung diseases
  • Asthma
  • In some cases Cancer

Everyday Products with antibacterial properties

In reality, the manufacturers of the anti-bacterial products make use of an element known as “Triclosan”. This element is not only detrimental to enticement but also for human health. Some common everyday products that have the Triclosan in their making are as follows.

  • Shampoos
  • Toothpaste
  • Cosmetics

Triclosan-based products and their use have been found out to lead to the development of Liver Cancer.

Mosquito coil

On a warm night, it is hard to stay asleep without a mosquito coil burning nearby. Although the benefit of it is evident, it is still quite dangerous for health.  According to scientists, the smoke of a single burning mosquito coil is equal to the smoke created by 125 cigarettes. Any creature including human beings, if exposed to this much smoke, can lead to them developing myriad lung diseases and even cancer.


To keep the woolen clothes saved from being infested by moths, Moth Balls are the most effective product in the market. The thing that makes these moth balls potentially dangerous for human health is the vapors emitted by them.

According to studies, these mothballs have a special element known as paradichlorobenzene that is responsible for resulting in cancer in animals. Although the impact on humans is still to be determined, scientists advise using these mothballs with great caution.

Some mothballs also come with a chemical named as Naphthalene which effectively destroys the red blood cells over a long period of exposure.

Incense sticks

Although incense sticks may spread fragrance around the house, they just like mosquitoes coils emit several of the hazardous chemicals that impact the health in a dangerous manner. Common problems associated with the incense stick smoke are Asthma, some lung disorders and in rare cases Cancer.

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