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Health Benefits, If A Person Eats Papaya Only Once a Week

The great voyager named Christopher Columbus called the fibroid named Papaya as the “Fruit of Angels”. This statement of Columbus makes a little bit of sense when one takes a closer look at the benefits that this fruit holds inside itself. Not only is it really healthy for the body but it also tastes really delicious even if it is eaten raw. So, one can have optimum health benefits from eating papaya only once a week.

If you are still not convinced about eating the fruit, we have gathered a few positive health benefits if a person eats papaya only once a week.

Helps lowers the cholesterol levels

Papaya is a fruit that has high fiber content which aids in lowering one’s cholesterol levels. In addition to this, papayas also have numerous antioxidants in it as well as vitamins which can help in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Helps to get rid of the parasites and worms

The human body is susceptible to getting infected and invaded by numerous types of parasites and worms which is why it is very important to stay vigilant to them. Papayas are actually immensely helpful in eliminating these harmful parasites from the human body by breaking down their eggs. For the elimination of worms and parasites, the consumption of papaya fruit with its seeds is highly recommended.

Helps in boosting one’s immune system

As we said earlier, papaya is enriched with helpful vitamins like Vitamin A, C, and E which are the basics nutrients of the human’s immune system. Eating papaya at least once a week allows for the body to maintain a perfect nutritional balance as well as keeps the immune system boost-up for the rest of the week.

Reduction of skin inflammation

Papayas not only have internal bodily benefits but outer body benefits as well. It is packed with anti-inflammatory properties which are really helpful in fighting off the skin inflammation. As for the eating part, it also helps to deal with inflammation from within in cases when it is caused by the following conditions.

  • Arthritis
  • Joint pain
  • Gout
  • Asthma

Delayed aging effects

As we all know by now that papaya is enriched with many healthy nutrients that allow for the delayed aging effects. Some of these nutrients are vitamin C and E and the antioxidants. All of these nutrients help prevent human skin from free radicals as well as wrinkles and sun damage.

Regulating the blood pressure

Papaya has a compound in its called Carpaine which allows for the papaya to be a great way for controlling the blood pressure. For the high blood pressure patients, this fruit can work like magic.

Lowers down stress

The vitamin C present in papaya allows for it to be a great regulator for the flow of the stress hormones as per the study of the University of Alabama.

How to eat the Papaya seeds

Eating the papaya fruit once a week undoubtedly has its aforementioned effect but you might not know that eating the v seeds also has the same effects. Eating papaya seeds allows eliminating the parasites and the worms from the stomach as well as having the following effects.

  • Protection of kidneys
  • Reducing skin inflammation
  • Fighting off the bacterial infections

Despite the papaya seeds having their health benefits, they are still very strong for the body. This is why it is normally recommended that one should start by eating 1 tbsp a day. Once the body gets used to this dose, the person can then increase it to 2 tbsps a day.

It is to be noted here that the following should not eat the papaya seeds.

  • Children
  • Pregnant females
  • Breastfeeding mothers

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