Health Benefits of Taro Root

It is widely believed that the Taro root is the first ever crop to be cultivated by ancient human beings. It goes by many following names.

  • Chinese potatoes
  • Cocyam
  • Dasheen
  • Dalo
  • Curcas

Taro root is an herbaceous perennial plant whose roots tend to extend one meter blow its starchy corm. It can averagely grow up to the size of a turnip and can be either cylindrical or oblong in shape. It also has a hairy outer surface and the flesh inside can be either white or creamy yellow.

There are numerous health benefits of taro root and we have gathered a few of them right here today.

Better Blood Circulation

Taro Roots contain the following two of the blood building minerals.

  • Copper
  • Iron

This is the reason they are recommended as a diet for those suffering from anemia or other blood disorders.

The full-blown effects of anemia can be averted by consuming foods enriched with copper and iron. Taro root has been deemed beneficial in increasing the blood circulation in the body which in turn leads to a better supply of oxygen and nutrients from the blood to each organ of the body.

Healthy Skin

Taro root is known to be packed with vitamins like E and A which are both essential in preventing the skin from getting damaged. These vitamins tend to remove the antioxidants that break down the collagen; the protein responsible for keeping the skin healthy and young.

In addition to maintaining great skin condition, these vitamins also lead to the skin having lesser blemishes and wrinkles. They also give the skin a small but still protective layer against the UV radiation of sunlight.

Improved Digestive Health

Taro root also comes with not only digestible but also nondigestible carbohydrates. Each of these carbohydrates provides the body in maintaining improved digestive functioning.

In addition to this, taro roots also have both soluble and insoluble dietary fibers which help the body in having healthy digestion. Insoluble fibers allow the body to have regular bowel moments and also add bulk in the stool for easier excretion.

Diabetes Prevention

Due to the taro root having a dietary fiber content, it is also beneficial in the prevention of diabetes. These dietary fibers help the prevention of diabetes by slow the digestion of carbohydrates as well as the absorption of the glucose by the body in excess. This leads to the body having regulated insulin release as well as controlled glucose levels in the bloodstream.

Anticancer Properties

People who are at risk of developing cancer can greatly reduce it by incorporating an antioxidant-enriched diet. These antioxidants rich diets fight off the free radical that can prevent cellular damage that might cause cancer.

Taro root is among many key foods with a high quantity of antioxidants like the following.

  • Cryptoxanthin
  • beta-carotene

The Cryptoxanthin present in the Taro root is found to be highly beneficial in preventing the lung and mouth cancer risk.

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