Healthy Habits To Help Losing Weight Faster

A majority of the people who are struggling at weight loss is due to the fact that they have to ensure the boring diets along with the exercises that are too hyped. It is a proven fact that if a person believes that their weight gain is triggered due to not doing enough exercise, then they will have a hard time in their dieting as well. Still, this is an unconventional thought and we have a few methods, actually habits that can help a person lose weight easily.

Today we have come up with a few healthy habits to help losing weight faster if a person makes them compulsory in their life.

Making a healthy regimen for water intake

It is really important for a person on weight loss to form a water intake regime for allowing their body to thrive. Drinking 2 glasses of lemon water in the morning allows the body to wake up and also hydrates as well as boosts the metabolism of the entire body.

Then drinking during lunch time can allow a person’s stomach to be filled so they do not overeat along with aiding the digestion process.

At about 4 pm in the evening, drinking provides the body with a sense of fulfillment as there is a huge time between dinner and lunch.

Before having dinner, drinking water again allows for better digestion and the stomach also feels lighter.

Before the meal, smelling green bananas or apples

Many of you might find it amusing or downright ridiculous but smelling certain foods such as green bananas and apples is really beneficial for weight loss. The smell of these foods eases up one’s hunger and causes them to eat less than they usually do in the dinner to aid the weight loss indirectly.

After dinner, lighting the vanilla candle

Another ridiculous-sounding weight loss tip is burning a vanilla-scented candle especially considering how much vanilla is used in making cakes, pudding, and pancakes. Still, a study confirmed that the vanilla scent has the ability to trigger weight loss in a person on the weight loss program. The scent of vanilla triggers the numerous chemical reactions in the brain that makes a person feel a lot less hungry than they were before.

Taking photos of the meals

When a person tries to take photos of their meals, they are looking at the food from far above to get the better shot of it. However, during this process, the said person cannot help but notice minute details of their food. This is perfect as it might compel the person to think about what they are going to eat in a few seconds. There is a good chance that the person might notice the number of crabs on their plate or anything else that is not fit to eat. This might result in a person eating something else entirely.

Eating in blue plates

Making friends with blue color and surrounding yourself with it is also beneficial in weight loss such as eating in a room with blue wallpapers or eating from the blue plates. According to many studies, blue color acts as a suppressant for the appetite which then makes a person feel less hungry.

Eating eggs in breakfast & spicy foods in lunch

The benefits of eating eggs on a daily basis are something that is not challenged by any nutritionist in the world. they are a source of protein along with calcium and other helpful minerals needed by the body. The other benefit of eating eggs in the morning is that they trigger weight loss and actually improve their speed.

If a person adds in a little chili and the red pepper in the eggs when eating during lunch time, it also speeds up to one’s metabolism and this helps a person get a much faster rate of weight loss.

Try challenging yourself for moving more often

A person needs to challenge their self in numerous ways so that the dieting and the exercise become s a lot more fun than being just a boring lifestyle. For example, you can make a habit of doing 10 pushups for every piece of potato at dinner time or you can run the stairs of your home 5 times for eating a candy bar. If a person makes it fun with dieting and exercising, they might not notice the fact that they have been burning the calories all along.

Sleeping in the cold room

Yes, sleeping also aids a person is their weight loss struggle and the way it works is really easy. The trick here is that if a person surrounds their body with cold during the sleeping time, then their body will start producing more heat to keep them warm. This heat will be produced by burning the caries of the body. So sleeping in the cold room with a temperature of at least 18 degrees Celsius is proven effective for weight loss.

Chewing properly and slowly

It is also a proven fact that if a person takes a long time to eat their food and consume it really slowly, then their body will have more time to lose weight. The reason is that chewing slowly helps a person feel the satiety in their stomach a lot faster than when they eat faster. This habit makes a person feel full even with less food eaten. A good time to finish eating a meal is about 20 minutes, so be sure to savor the taste of the food well.

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