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Home Remedies to prevent Hairs from Premature Graying

The premature hair graying is a condition that occurs in young adults who are in between ages of the 20s to 30s. The condition results in them t appear older than they actually are.

Few of the factors that can result in this condition are as follows.

  • genetic predisposition
  •  poor nutrition
  •  hormonal fluctuations
  •  Smoking
  • Pollution
  •  Stress
  • Use of unsuitable and unstable hair products,
  • Certain diseases like thyroid disorders, sinusitis, and chronic colds

It is not healthy to cover these gray hairs by using the commercial hair colors that are laden with many unhealthy chemicals. For this reason, we present a few home remedies to prevent hairs from premature graying.

Indian Gooseberry

Indian Gooseberry or also known as the Amla has been sued for centuries to treat myriad hair disorders like the following.

  • premature graying
  • dull hair
  • hair loss

Amla is enriched with both vitamin C and other antioxidants that give it anti-aging properties. The fruit can be consumed as it is or can be made to form a hair paste.

  • Pour some coconut oil in a frying pan and add some dried amlas in the oil and cook it. Cook until the oil becomes charred. Apply this charred oil on the hairs and deep on the scalp surface. Let it sit for the night while covering it with a shower cap. Rinse the hairs with warm water in the morning.

Curry Leaves

Curry leaves are known to add to the darkness of the hair pigment. When Curry leaves are mixed with coconut oil, the effects of it are a charm to behold.

  • Cook handful of curry leaves in some coconut oil. Cook until the oil becomes charred and then strain it.
  • Massage the hairs and scalp with this oil and let it sit for at least 1 hour.
  • Afterwards, rinse it off with warm water.


Henna is an ingredient that acts as a natural hair colorant. Henan not only makes the hairs darker in color but also add to their strength as well as the holds the roots down in the scalp.

  • Take some henna leaves and grind them to make a paste. Add ingredients like 3 tsps of Amla powder, 1 tsp of coffee powder and some yogurt. Spread this thick paste over the hair and let it dry out by air. Rinse afterward with warm water and shampoo.

Blackstrap Molasses

Blackstrap molasses are packed with Copper which is essential for producing the hair pigment in the body. A daily dose of copper can be fulfilled by taking 1 tbsp of Blackstrap molasses each day. In addition to copper, the ingredient also contains the following other minerals essential for the body.

  • Selenium
  • Iron
  • Magnesium

In order to see the visible effects, a person must consume 1 tbsp of blackstrap molasses each day for a few months.


Amaranth is effective in eradicating the hair loss as well as stopping the premature graying of hair. It does the work by retaining the natural coloring of the hair. In order to use it follow these steps.

  • Shampoo the hair normally
  • Apply some fresh juice of Amaranth leaves on both hairs and scalp
  • Let it sit for a few minutes
  • Rinse it off with warm water

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