Home Remedies to treat Constipation in Children

The primary indicator of good health is a normal and good bowel pattern. For someone to have irregular bowel patterns, it is not an uncommon health condition.

These digestive disorders normally are frequent among the children between the ages of 2 to 8 years old. The common symptoms of the child to be suffering from constipation, they are as follows.

  • Stool to be hard
  • Stool to be lumpy
  • Having difficulty in passing stool

Among children, nearly 95 percent of the constipation is under idiopathic causes which means that they are not caused by any serious medical disorder. As for the other 5 percent causes, they can be due to the following.

  • Hirschsprung disease
  • Anorectal malformations
  • Neuromuscular disease
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Endocrine disorders

While constipation is a serious condition among children, but in normal cases, there are still home remedies to treat it. For our readers, we have gathered a list of home remedies to treat constipation in children.

Give the Child High-Fiber Foods

The first thing that any parent should do is to increase their child’s diet with high fiber foods. Fiber happens to act as a natural laxative which makes the stool softer as well as helps in regular bowel patterns. You can take the following measures for idiopathic constipation.

  • Add foods in the diet which have both soluble as well as insoluble fiber
  • Sources of soluble fiber include food items such as apples, oranges, carrots, oatmeal, and flaxseeds
  • As for insoluble fiber, some good foods are such as nuts, beans, seeds, leafy vegetables, and unprocessed grains 

Increase the Fluid Intake of Child

Normally children do not drink a lot of water and also tend to go on without it for a long time. Dehydration is also one of the leading causes of constipation in children.

Water is essential for active digestive system functioning and without enough water content in the body, the stool becomes hard and difficult to defecate.

Some effective steps to increasing your child’s fluid intake are as follows.

  • Give them lukewarm or plain water along with little juice added in for taste
  • If kids do not like water, then try flavored waters or fruit juices
  • Prune and apple juices are highly recommended.

Massage the Stomach of Child

Stomach massages are also effective in relieving constipation in young children. It causes no side effects on the disorder and even positively affects your child’s health.

Gently massage the lower abdominal area of your child as it stimulates a healthy bowel movement. It works by loosening up the abdominal muscles as well as release the pressure build up to let the gas pass on.

Give them Prunes to eat

One of the most effective remedies to treat constipation in children is to feed them prunes. Prunes are not only rich in fiber but also with Sorbitol that allows the stool to soften up ad bulk. This bulk can then easily be excreted out.

  • Feed your child 4 prunes to eat on a daily basis
  • Blend few prunes in almond milk which is lukewarm. Give your child this prune almond milk just before going to sleep

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