Home Remedies to treat Itchy Eyes

We are sure that most of you have suffered from an urge to itch your eyes incessantly until they start to ache. The chance that you are suffering from Itchy Eyes is high. In fact, to suffer from itchy eyes is one of the common health issues but it can still be an uncomfortable and frustrating one.

Few of the symptoms which are associated with itchy eyes are as follows.

  • Burning sensation in the eyes
  • Watery eyes
  • Inflammation of the eyelids
  • Watery discharge from the eyes
  • High sensitivity towards light

While some of the causes for itchy eyes can be a simple one, many can be due to an underlying eye condition. Despite this, there are several easy to perform home remedies to treat itchy eyes and we present them to our readers.

Cold Compresses

This is one of the simplest and easy to perform home remedies to treat itchy eyes that even the doctors often recommend. Simply applying a cold compress over your affected eyes can provide instant relief from the itch.

If the itch is due to some sort of allergen, then it is best to make use of a clean washcloth. Cold compress not only relieves from the itch but also clears the dryness of the eyes.

  • The simplest of the way to perform a cold compress is to soak a clean cloth in cold water. Wring out the excess water and place it over your eyes.
  • You can also wrap some ice cubes in a clean cloth and place them over your eyes or simply place a clean bag of frozen peas.


Chamomile has been used for centuries to treat various ailments of the human body which also includes treatment of various eye disorders such as Itchy Eyes.

Chamomile has natural anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties to provide instant relief from itchy eyes. Using chamomile inhibits the release of the histamine which in turn prevents the allergic reaction that is the main cause of the itch.

  • Steep a bag of chamomile tea in a cup of hot water for a few minutes. Now remove this tea bag and let the tea cool down.  Use this chamomile tea as an eyewash.
  • You can also place these soaked chamomile tea bags in the freezer and later put these chilled tea bags over the eyelids.

Cold Milk

Milk has been studied to contain many bioactive molecules that allow it to have both anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. These properties allow the cold milk to be an effective remedy for treating itchy eyes.

  • Soak a clean cotton ball in cold milk and rub it gently around the eyes.
  • Alternatively, a person can also place these milk-soaked cotton balls over their closed eyelids.

Rose Water

Rose Water has been used since ancient times for solely treating the eye related disorders and itchy eyes in one of them. Rose water has natural anti-inflammatory properties which allow it to reduce both irritation and redness caused in the eyes due to allergens. In addition to this, rose water also has strong antioxidants in it which helps to regenerate as well as strengthen the skin tissues around the eyes.

  • Simply rinsing your eyes with pure rose water can do wonders for both your facial skin and eyes.
  • For better result, it is best to drop 2 to 3 drops of rose water into the eyes with the help of a dropper.

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