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Homemade Medications That Have Proven to be Effective since Decades

Fall is the season which brings with it lots of rain and the cold weather. This is the season that makes a lot of us vulnerable to a lot of health problems. Still, this does not mean that these health problems are serious enough to rush every time to a hospital to see a doctor and have those huge medical bills along with loads of medicines. There are a lot of homemade medications that can treat you when you are feeling a little under the weather.

Today we also decided to remind you about a few of the homemade medications that have proven to be effective for decades. These medications are not only great for curing a disease but also effective in strengthening one’s immune system.

Gargling with Cold Water

A lot of you have not only heard about the sodium or soda-based solutions used for gargling but have also done it quite a few times. Well, what you did not know is that the cold water gargle also has its own health benefits. A study was conducted in which few people gargled on iodine solution while few gargled on cold water. People who gargled on cold water, their risk of contracting the cold were reduced by 3 times as compared to the ones who used iodine solution.

Vinegar and Spirit mixture for treating ear infections

The pain in the ear is one of the worst types of pain that a human can experience. The pain can leave a person writhing in agony and this has been happening since ancient times. The reasons for most ear pains are ear infections. For ages, people have been trying different remedies to treat ear infections with each having their own intensity. In this modern age of medicine, doctors have also come up with an unexpected easy to make home medication for treating ear infections.

For this, a person only needs a little bit of spirit and white vinegar and mix them both in 1:1. Pour 1 tsp of this mixed solution in both ears. The solution will cause the ear to warm up a little bit with a slight tingling sensation but will ultimately remove the infection with the rest of the solution dripping out.

Vegetables used for whitening and strengthening teeth

Vegetables have long since been associated to strengthen the immune system as well as the skeleton of the human body. One thing that is made of calcium other than bones is teeth. Many vegetables have been studied to have healthy effects on teeth such as carrots that cause the teeth to be both white and have strength.

There is one other vegetable and that is Cucumber that can be healthy for teeth. It contains a substance called Kalium in high amounts along with antioxidants such as Vitamin K and Vitamin A. All of these result in teeth becoming stronger and whiter.

Ice poultice to treat migraines

Anyone who has suffered the pain of a migraine knows how agonizing it is. It can be triggered by almost any or no reason at all with the stress being the main contributor.

It is said nearly 25 percent of the global population suffers from migraines and that is why each culture has come up with its own remedy for treating migraines.  One such remedy is the use of Ice Poultice which is a piece of closed up clothing with ice in it that was introduced first for use in 1849. Placing an ice poultice on your nape or the back of the neck can ease the pain of a migraine. In addition to this, ice allows for a person to get distracted from the pinching pain in the temples.

Garlic compress for Removing Warts

Warts often start popping out at unexpected times and can cause a lot of trouble wherever they grow. Like many skin-related disorders, different cultures have come up with their own wart treating remedies but one is common in almost every culture and every time and it is the use of a Garlic Compress.

For the garlic compress, the use of garlic with water is considered the most effective one. For that, a Peron needs to chop a few of the garlic cloves and then boil them while covered in a piece of cloth. Afterward, take a piece of cotton and dip it in this garlic solution and then compress it on the affected area. Repeating the remedy for a few days can make warts disappear.

Honey to take care of the dry cough

As we said fall is here and with that soon the winter will be upon us as well. The one thing that the majority of people suffer from during fall and winter is the Dry Cough. Instead of taking doses of those nasty cough medicines, you can try using the organic honey. The best way to use honey for treating a dry cough is to take 2 tsp of the honey b30 minutes prior to sleeping.

Research has proven that honey is a much or even more so effective than the cough syrups. Honey not only provides relief from cough but also improves the quality of sleep.

Antifungal baths made from Vinegar & Sodium

Our feet are the one that has to do the task of walking to allow us to move from one place to another and for that, we have to often wear shoes to protect them from the harm. Despite taking these measures, feet are often exposed to a lot of harmful agents causing myriad disorders and one is the Foot Fungus. To treat these foot fungus problems, foot baths made with vinegar and soda can work like a charm. Still, if a person has any of the following health conditions prior to having foot fungus, they should avoid the antifungal baths.

  • Cuts, bruises, or wounds on feet
  • Varicosity
  • Cardiovascular disorders
  • A medical condition that can raise the body’s temperature

Almond oil and Aloe Vera mix to treat stretch marks on the skin

While men might not be affected by the appearance of stretch marks, women are heavily affected by them as they can be a stain to one’s skin and overall beauty.

These stretch marks are often caused by the skin breaking in the endodermis causing the skin to stretch. One of the best remedies to treat these stretch marks is the use of the following remedy.

  • Mix the aloe Vera and the almond oil in the adequate yet equal proportions.
  • Rub a little of this mixture on the stretch marks.
  • Let the substance remain on the affected skin area for at least 15 minutes.
  • Afterward, remove the remainder with a piece of clean cloth or tissue.

The remedy is effective and can be used for other body parts as well due to the positive health effects of the ingredients involved.

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