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We’ve all heard she’s received legs and is aware of the right way to use them, however strawberry legs? You heard us proper – and if now you’re listening to crickets, you’re not alone!

Strawberry legs describe the looks of small darkish dots – like strawberry seeds – in your legs. Let’s discover what causes strawberry legs, and the right way to eliminate them.

What Precisely Are Strawberry Legs?

Very similar to the “rooster pores and skin” or “lobster pores and skin” metaphors, “strawberry legs” draw a comparability between pores and skin texture and fruit. Because the title suggests, pores and skin troubled by these bumps (mostly on the legs) will resemble the seeded pores and skin of a strawberry. Your pores and skin might seem with small, darkish spots and/or pink dots.

This seed-like pores and skin is definitely a market of pores and hair follicles which have been clogged with dust, micro organism, useless pores and skin, or oil. In the event that they’re raised or infected, it might point out one other situation. In any other case, strawberry legs are simply clogged ol’ follicles and might be prevented with a number of tweaks to your skincare routine.

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What Causes Strawberry Legs?

Strawberry legs usually are not a particular situation however an umbrella time period for a wide range of signs. It may be attributable to a number of completely different pores and skin points. When clogged pores or hair follicles – aka comedones – are closed, they’re referred to as blackheads and create the looks of strawberry pores and skin.

Shaving your legs opens the comedones to the air. As soon as air mixes with the oil inside, it oxidizes and turns black. Shaving with a uninteresting razor can result in razor burn, which may seem as strawberry legs. Nonetheless, utilizing an previous razor or dry shaving may cause folliculitis or contaminated hair follicles.

In case you have dry skin, you’re at a better threat of growing razor burn or irritation (which might result in folliculitis, too). In case your pores and skin seems as goosebumps, it’s not “rooster pores and skin” however quite keratosis pilaris, a benign pores and skin situation that causes tiny pink bumps that may resemble strawberry pores and skin.

Strawberry legs are nothing to be embarrassed about, and are literally quite common. With a number of adjustments to your bathe routine, you might be in your method to {smooth}, baby-soft pores and skin.

How one can Get Rid of Strawberry Legs

Experiencing strawberry legs doesn’t often contain a visit to the physician. The situation is comparatively widespread and, relying on the trigger and severity of it, strawberry legs might be handled at house.

#1. Use new razors
Keep away from uninteresting or previous razors that may result in burn, nicks, irritation or folliculitis, which may resemble strawberry legs. Utilizing a razor that’s new, sharp, and rust-free will provide you with the very best likelihood for silky-smooth legs.

#2. Use moisturizing shaving cream
It would sound like one thing made up by razor firms to attain some additional dough, however shaving lotions actually do deserve a spot in your bathe routine. They soften the hair and follicle to scale back friction (and irritation) when razors glide throughout your pores and skin. Use one which’s packed with emollients to guard dry, thirsty pores and skin.

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#3. Exfoliate commonly
Ever discover how child smooth your pores and skin feels after utilizing a loofah or body scrub? It’s all in exfoliation, which sloughs off tough and useless pores and skin. Exfoliating your legs earlier than a shave offers you a better shave and minimizes useless pores and skin cells that may clog up the razor blade, inflicting razor burn.

PRO-TIP: For the gentlest method, be sure you shave within the route or grain of the hair’s development. Shaving with the grain can forestall widespread causes of strawberry legs, like razor burn and folliculitis.

#4. Attempt an Epilator
As a result of shaving and waxing can result in folliculitis, an epilator is an effective alternative for these susceptible to strawberry legs. This hand-held electrical device pulls hair out from the foundation. Although the device sounds traumatizing, it’s often effectively tolerated.

#5. Use a chemical exfoliant
Exfoliants like glycolic acid and salicylic acid dissolve useless pores and skin cells, which makes for a clear canvas when shaving your legs. Utilizing a chemical exfoliant suited to your pores and skin sort might make you much less prone to encounter signs of strawberry legs.

#6. Moisturize persistently
Making use of a body moisturizer after showering and shaving may help substitute misplaced moisture and can forestall dry pores and skin and irritation. Moisturizing will enhance the looks of your pores and skin, and will scale back the signs of strawberry legs.

When to Search Assist for Strawberry Legs

For many individuals, strawberry legs are simply managed with small adjustments to their shaving or skincare routine. In case your case will not be simply managed with house treatments, you would possibly must see a dermatologist or skilled skilled. A therapy plan could also be advisable for these with the next:

  • Darker or thicker physique hair

  • Bigger pores

  • Excessively oily pores and skin

  • Darker pores and skin tones

  • Bumps which are raised, itchy, or very irritated

It’s greatest to rule out different causes with a health care provider beforehand, as a way to select the right course of therapy for your pores and skin situation.

Although strawberry legs are a cutesy sounding situation with some not-so-cutesy signs, they’re often no trigger for alarm and might be berry widespread!


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