How-to Guide For Measuring Foods In case of Not Having A Scale

In the world of today, everybody is very diet conscious as too many things contain a lot of calories and carbohydrates. Even the chefs make the ingredients in a calculated manner for making the best and tasty dishes while keeping the calorie count to a bare minimum. As for the home cooking, things can get a little bit out of hand if you don’t have a measuring scale at home for measuring the ingredients. What would you do if you happen to be making a cake but don’t have the proper kitchen tools for knowing the amount of butter, flour or sugar to be added in the cake batter? This is why today; we came up with one great solution to help the case when you do not have any kitchen tools. We will be teaching you guys today the ways to measuring the most common solid and liquid products with the use of tablespoons and teaspoons as well as a standard cup.

They say the best way to teach someone is to teach them with a visual aid. This is why we have presented some of the pictures below that are about the conversions of the ingredients that are normally used in a kitchen. You can have these pictures print out and hang them on the wall of your kitchen for easy viewing.  We have even laid down some helpful tools that are surely going to make you into a kitchen cooking guru.

So have a read of the how-to guide for measuring foods in case of not having a scale.

Measuring butter


Measuring liquids


Measuring the food portions


Measuring solid & dry products


This is a mixing spatula which has written over it a conversion chart for many of the main cooking measurements


This cup comes with markers for the measuring of liquids when pouring.


These are the perfect tools in case you always end up mixing the smidgens, dashes, tads, and pinches.


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