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Important Signs Of When Human Body Is Really Stressed

Now and then nearly every one of us feels a little under the weather. Still, if there is something particular that has been bothering you for a while and is related to your overall health, then it should not be taken lightly. Perhaps, this might be all due to stress. According to many doctors around the world, this might result in a person developing a lot of diseases.

Today we went around looking for some of the prominent symptoms that indicate that the body is under effects of the stress. So have a look at some of the important signs of when the human body is really stressed down below.

Skin related diseases

Some of the skin-related conditions caused by stress are as follows.

  • Psoriasis
  • Acne

A study was conducted by medical researchers on some students and the result indicated a direct link between the increased physiological stress with the occurrence of skin problems. Another experiment was conducted with mice as test subjects which gave the very same result. Animals which were exposed to the high intensity of stress show more susceptibility towards the skin infections.

Changes in weight

There might have been a time in your life when you cannot seem to control the weight of your body with proper diet or even exercise.

Some of these cases result in excessive weight gain. As it happens to be, stress increases the production of a certain hormone called Cortisol. This hormone works to stabilize the metabolism of both fats and the carbohydrates along with supporting the necessary levels of the sugar levels in the bloodstream. If a person has too much of the cortisol levels in their blood, they will tend to eat more and their body will produce a lesser amount of testosterone resulting in the body to burn fewer than needed calories. This results in weight gain.

The reverse is also possible in which stress causes weight loss. This occurs when the blood tends to have increased levels of adrenaline and adrenaline speeds up the whole metabolic process to slow down the excretion of fat.

Frequently suffering from colds

Cortisol is not only related to weight gain but also causes the suppression of inflammation. When a person is under chronic stress, their immune system tends to become less and less sensitive towards the cortisol which results in the serious case of inflammation. This puts a body at a much higher risk of being infected with colds.

Cold weather is not the only thing to be blamed for you getting the cold. It is mostly triggered due to the weak and susceptible immune system. For those of you, who get sick too often, they should make a list of the worries of life and then eliminate them.

Gastrointestinal disorders

It has long since been proven that stress is the cause of various gastrointestinal disorders. Sometimes the stress causes these diseases to be at such a high degree that even the use of medicines cannot dissipate the stomach ache. The best course of action, in this case, is to visit a professional psychologist. This doctor will try to determine the cause of your stress and anxiety and then help you manage it effectively.

Difficulty in focusing

Another major problem with people who are under constant stress is the lack of maintaining focus on their tasks. For those of you who feel like their focus has decreased by a lot, then it must be time for you to stop the work and have a little rest. This mostly happens due to nervous tension.

Hair loss

According to scientists and various scientific experiments, one of the prominent effects of stress is the loss of hair; either partially or fully. If you start to notice that you are having fewer and fewer hairs than before and any kind of vitamins are not making a difference, then the stress might be the culprit behind this. Our advice, remain calm, avoid stress-causing activities for keeping those precious hairs.


There are quite a lot of reasons for the occurrence of headaches and out of many of them, few are as follows.

  • Osteochondrosis aka sleeping in wrong or poor position
  • High or Low Blood Pressure
  • Sinusitis
  • Pregnancy

However, the headaches can also be caused due to stress of emotional type that you might experience either at home or at work,

While taking medication to relieve the pain is helpful in this case, if a person does not eliminate the stress from their life, these headaches will start recurring and perhaps with more intensity than before.

Low Libido

A person who is drained emotionally tends to experience low libido. This result was concluded from a study. So if there is a less sexual encounter between you and your partner, then do not get frustrated over it as it might worsen the situation for them. Often the cause in such cases is stress and the best way to treat is to plan a vacation.

Troubles with sleep

Stress has also been linked with the source of insomnia or lack of sleep. Those who experience stress are often prone to have insomnia making the said person unable to enjoy life or their work. In case the sleeping pills also stop working, then this is high time you should go see a professional psychologist or a doctor.

In such cases, often finding the source of the stress and eliminating it as soon as possible can help you feel better and improve your sleep quality.

Cardiovascular diseases

The human heart is the organ that has to work the most out of all others. It is also the organ that has to work through the good and bad times of our lives non-stop and stress causes a bad effect on the human heart.

Many scientific researches have proved that chronic stress is the cause of numerous cardiovascular diseases which can lead to death. Often the stress in these cases is caused due to hard work or no work at all influenced by poverty. In such situations, problems with family can also worsen the condition.

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