Intuitive Eating and Reasons Why Is It Better Than Other Diets

The principles involved with Intuitive Eating are not in resemblance to any sort of diet. According to principles of Intuitive Eating, limiting one’s food intake is actually an ineffective as well as an unhealthy way to reduce the weight. By following the principles offered by Intuitive Eating, the pioneer of this Intuitive Eating; Professor Steve Hawks of the Birmingham University, actually lost a total of 45 pounds. Since then, the practice of Intuitive Eating for losing not only weight but also to keep the health in check has become fairly popular.

Today for our readers we present the intuitive eating and reasons why is it better than other diets.

Principle 1: Disregard diet mentality

A book written by the author and the famed nutrition therapists; Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch, they say that for a person planning to go on diet, they must be aware of the fact that there is no such thing as a healthy dieting plan neither they can help you in any way.

The main thing for a diet is to reject the thoughts like that there is anything like outer will power on eating. At the same time, you should also make peace with the fact that there is only the inner control to keep your sense of hunger in check.

Principle 2: Honor your hunger

This principle means that when a person feels hungry, they should immediately eat something. A person feeling hungry should not wait for the hunger to become strong. This stronger hunger will only lead to starvation which in turn will lead to a person eating more, a problem called overeating.

In order to avoid hunger pangs, a person must keep a healthy and a friendly path between themselves and the food they eat. They must also train their body to satisfy their hunger.

Principle 3: Respecting the fullness Of Stomach

Another important rule to follow about intuitive eating is that a person must listen to their body’s need during the meal.  They should be able to stop once they have a sense of satiety. The sense of fullness or satiety is achieved when your body feels comfortable while eating and the stomach itself does not feel tightened.

In order to clearly hear these minute signals from the body, take small pauses in between a meal.

Principle 4: Refrain from controlling the menu

Do not blame yourself If you eat a sugary muffin neither do praise yourself if you happen to have kept your body on a strict calorie limit diet.

Forget about affirmations of food being good, bad or low-fat. The thing a person needs to understand is that food is not their enemy but is actually their friend. It is the source of energy as well as saturation.

Principle 5: Select the physical activities you can enjoy performing

When you are opting for intuitive eating; then stop forcing your physical activities as a mean to fight with your excessive weight. Physical activity is the source that provides the body with energy as well as lifts the overall mood of the person.

This is the reason that a person should opt for a physical activity that they enjoy while performing. This way a person will lose more fat instead of consciously suffering the muscle pain to lose those fat deposits.

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