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Known Beauty Procedures That Even Beauticians Never Get Done

Everywhere you look in the world there are beauty parlors around us and these parlors provide their customers with different types of beauty procedures. They promise their customers to help them get rid of those nasty fine lines and that our skin will once more shine as it had been in the past. Well, the question here is that is all these beauty procedures safe to implement on the human body as they are being advertised?

We got curious about the beauty procedures and learned that some of these procedures were actually more harmful than safe for human health. In fact, they were so unsafe that beauticians do not want them to be done on them. Today we will list the known beauty procures that even beauticians never get done.

Permanent makeup

First up is the permanent makeup technique known as the Microblading for the parts of the face like eyes, lips, and eyebrow. But what they really are only permanent tattoos. Like any other type of tattoos, some of the people who underwent this beauty procedure suffered from unpleasant side effects like inflammation and swelling of the tissues that led to scars.

Normally when a woman undergoes the microblading beauty procedure, it will take them about 2 weeks to appear as normal. After 2 weeks, the swelling tends to subside and the color also becomes less intense.

Lip augmentation

Another major beauty procedure is lip augmentation but it comes with the main downside of lasting only for a little bit of time than being permanent. The increase in the plumpness of the lips only lasts for about 6 months and after that lips start to return to their initial condition. This is why this beauty procedure has become somewhat of addiction among the females and they are willing to undergo this excruciatingly painful beauty procedure after every six months.

Still, only a short amount of females have reported the sensation of pain after the lip augmentation procedure. It is not to encourage females to get this procedure done on them but instead is a warning to the aforementioned downside. For 2 weeks after getting the lip augmentation, most women feel like they have something hard in their lips for at least 22 weeks.


The beauty procedure that is getting more and more popular is the liposuction and is often performed under the effects of the general anesthesia. The recovery period from liposuction lasts for about 3 weeks and even after that, there is a high risk of developing skin pigmentation on the operated area. Doctors who perform this beauty procedure themselves are very skeptical about its effects.

Liposuction does not impact on the overall weight loss as weight is the byproduct of the calories. So if a person does not change their calorie intake, the weight is going to remain the same and the liposuction area will also be smaller. This will result in other parts of the body to store that extra fat consumption. This is why when most females who undergo the liposuction for the lower belly pouch, arrive next year to have the treatment done on their upper belly region.

Fish pedicure

Fish Pedicure is another renowned beauty procedure and is mostly performed with the aid of the fish named Garra Rufa which is toothless. The Fish pedicure needs to be performed only after disinfecting and washing of the feet properly. Only after the feet are thoroughly clean, one should immerse their feet inside the fish tank filled with warm water. If not, there is a high risk of getting bacterial or fungal infection left behind by previous customers. Another recommendation before performing the fish pedicure is to not shave your legs and feet. The reason is that there can be small cuts or lesions that might get infected during this beauty procedure.

Facial acupuncture

This type of acupuncture technique is known to be very complex but comes with a promise to give the women what is known as “Baby Face” baby Face means having no fine lines and perfect contouring. In order to achieve maximum effects of facial acupuncture, the person undergoing the procedure is pricked with a little over 2100 pointy needles in the skin of their face. As for scientists, they are still not very sure about the authenticity of this facial beauty procedure as they believe that this field of medicine still requires further proof.

It is often said that most of the time there is no effect after facial acupuncture and the only ones who feel the effect might experience it due to the Placebo Effect.

Ear candling

During the procedure of the Ear Candling, the patient lies over and a hollow candle is then placed in the ear canal of the patient. After that, the candle is lit from the other end. As per the performers of this procedure, this procedure works by creating a vacuum due to the flames and this helps in the removal of dirt from the ears. In order to test the benefits of this procedure, The American Academy of Audiology performed their own research and came to results that were horrendous.  They said that there is a high risk of getting ear burns or the blockage of the ear canal that might need surgery.

There is also that potential risk of the fiery debris falling straight into the person’s ear canal to rupture their ear brumes and damaging their hearing permanently.

Tooth whitening

Most salons that offer the teeth whitening beauty procedure promise to give their customers that Hollywood Smile. But what really happens after the procedure is a person left with thin tooth enamel that can make the teeth vulnerable to numerous oral diseases. In addition to this, the oral mucosa can also get damaged. According to many people who underwent this procure they claim that the procedure is not only painful but also only lasts for a short time.


Customers of many high-end beauty parlors are promised that after getting the mesotherapy injections, they will no longer have the fine lines and skin inflammation. A study was conducted to study the effects of mesotherapy on 6 participants. All of them underwent the mesotherapy injection procedure for at least 6 months. But none of them could say for sure that their wrinkles disappeared or has their skin become firm once more.

Many people who undergo the mesotherapy procedure reported that after the 2nd procedure there face got swollen and the side effects lasted for about 1 week. There are also cases when patients have suffered allergic reactions to the mesotherapy injection procedure.

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