Korean Beauty Inventions That Totally Work

During the last few years, South Korea has somewhat has earned the title of being the Beauty Capital of the world. There is now a special term, “K-Beauty” which is referred to describe many of the renowned Korean skincare products and ticks to help women become gorgeous.

While many o these products might seem and sound bizarre to the rest of the ladies of the world, they actually work effectively and have helped the Korean men and women to become amazingly gorgeous.

Today we have also gathered a short list of some of the famous and unusual beauty products that people their use.

Silkworm cocoons as natural facial cleansers

These cocoons are made up of the raw silk thread that the silkworms make around their bodies. It might seem bizarre but they are being used in Korea for skin exfoliation and cleansing purposes. They contain in them powder proteins that can have a visible effect on skin when used.

Rubber masks instead of the more familiar sheet masks

Rubber masks

Rubber masks, unlike the sheet masks, do not pull the moisture off the skin when dried. However, this mask also has a boosting effect on skin against moisture if it used with serums and essences.

Bubble clay masks

The thing about this mask is that when it comes in contact with air, it forms oxygen bubbles. These bubbles then promote the blood circulation and skin feels brighter and lighter than before.

On a plus side, it is very fun to see your face turn into a bubbly cloud thing.

Potato Mask

Potato Mask

Forget about the French Fires, the potatoes mask is the next new thing in the Potatoes world. Potato juice can help a person fight with their dark circles, blemishes and even brightens up the skin.

In Korea, women use the potatoes in sheet masks and essences. Some also make their own DIY mask with them.

Broccoli Mask

For those who just cannot come to the term of eating the broccoli, you can now get the full beneficial effect of broccoli without eating it.

The market is now on the rise with Broccoli based skincare products. Broccoli is said to have nourishing effect for skin, treat acne problem and also boost the collagen production in the body.

Birch juice is the new water

Birch juice

Birch Juice is actually the syrup that is collected from the Birch tree. According to experts, it contains in it the following.

  • 17 percent amino acids
  •  Minerals
  • Enzymes
  • Proteins
  • Antioxidants
  • Vitamins

All of these are beneficial for the skin. The recent trend in Korea is to use this juice instead of drinking normal water.

Mayonnaise for hair nutrition

Mayonnaise Hair masks are also the next big thing in K-Beauty industry. Many Korean manufacturers have developed their own products with all of them having the common nutritious ingredient; Mayonnaise.

Do not be afraid that they will make your hairs smelly, thy only leave behind the hair strong, bright, and shiny and on a plus side smelling like sweet vanilla.

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