Korean Skin Care Routine That Can Make You Look 15 Years Younger

If anyone of you had a chance to visit South Korea, then you might have noticed that the South Korean women appear much younger when compared to the European women of the same age group. Without a doubt, genes have a huge role in this but one other important factor is the everyday care. Korean women usually have lots of skin care systems to keep them looking younger than average women but today we have chosen a few of the most popular ones.

Today we have gathered a list of some of their best beauty secrets and we want to share them with our readers. The best part about these beauty tips is that they can be easily used in our everyday life.

Oil Cleansing

The first step in this Korean skincare routine is skin cleansing. You can carry this out with a cotton pad or with a special sponge made from a plant called Amorphophallus konjac. This sponge is amazing as it is hypoallergenic and deeply cleanses the skin. The sponge easily helps to peel the dead skin cells while normalizing the pH balance of the skin.


You can also choose to use a cosmetic product with this cleansing component. Mostly the Korean women refer to use hydrophilic oils. These oils not only cleanse the skin but also wash off the excess skin sebum.

Peeling and blackhead removal

This is one of the most effective ways to have perfect skin. When the blackheads and dead cells are removed from the skin, other cosmetic products can enter the skin more freely, thus proving to be more effective. As peeling of the skin is a painful process, beauticians recommend to not peel the skin off more than 2 times a day.


Korean women also use a Sweet Mask to peel off the skin. The mask can be made by Black Sugar which is effective for following skin care purposes.

  • Peeling skin
  • Removing blackheads
  • Sebum

Using this mask regularly helps make the skin smoother, softer and cleaner. There are also “Volcanic Lava based Masks” which are also equally effective for skin care.

Essence and serums

This step is a crucial one because now we are changing from skin cleansing to skin treatment. In this stage of skin care, one must determine what their skin treatment goal is; is it whitening or wrinkles?

No matter what is the goal, one should choose the right product for it. Normally Korean women use natural essence for this purpose. For best benefits, it is best to apply these essences in tapping motions.

The Korean Beauty industry is really creative when it comes to skin treatments and most of their products are found in Swamps. Serums which have in them 20 percent petal extracts allow the skin to be elastic and wrinkle free. The reason for using such bizarre ingredients is because they have in them regenerating feature.  Back in Ancient Rome and Egypt, people used the peat to heal their wounds.

Snail Extract Masks

Snail Extract Masks

For motorization of skin, Korean women usually make use of the masks made from snail extract. In addition to this, they use vitamin C to make the skin shinier.

One other popular mask that is not only famous in Asian countries but also all over the world is “Bubble Clay” mask. The thermal water in the mask moisturizes the water-lipid balance in the skin, thus detoxing it.

One other trendy skin mask is “Donkey Milk Mask”. This mask allows the skin to be moisturized and also heals tiny wounds. In addition to this, it also has a whitening effect.

Eye cream

Eye cream

Korean women also pay a lot of attention to the skin around their eyes. Instead of pressing hard and stretching the skin, it is best to apply the appropriate cream of your choosing with fingertips.

There are also other alternatives to eye skin creams and one of the popular ones are “Eye Patches”. These patches contain gold and black pearl powders. These patches are helpful in getting rid of dark circles, swelling of the skin beneath the eye and also improving the blood circulation.

Sun protection

Sunlight stimulates the aging process of the skin. In order to remain young as long as possible, Korean women use many homemade sunscreen creams.

One of the popular ones is the cream with Donkey Milk. This cream helps to protect the skin from stress, increases the level of vitamin C and also decreases the effects of UV light.

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