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Little-Known Uses of Hot Water Bottles for Health Problems

There might seem like there are limited uses for a hot water bottle like putting it under the bed of a baby to help it sleep better or for adults to put on their joints when they feel sore, there are actually many other uses for these hot water bottles as well. Some of the common uses include curing varying discomforts in the body or reducing the anxiety.

We care about the health of our readers and this why we have found some astonishing and little-known uses of hot water bottles for health problems.

Relief from colon pain

Abdominal pain can be caused by numerous reasons and one primary source of the discomfort is the IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). IBS itself is usually caused due to the irregular contractions of the muscle in the colon region while one tires to excrete waste from their body. This condition can often lead to bloating and pain. Luckily this pain can be helped relieved with the use of a heating pad or a hot water bottle. A person suffering from colon pain must lie upon their side and place the hot water bottle on their abdominal region.

Relief from neck pain

Pain triggered in the neck can be caused due to a person working for a prolonged period of time sitting in front of a computer or even when a person sleeps in a weird position. The first thing that any of us does in case of neck pain is to stretch and then massage our neck area that hurts.

While this is a good technique to reduce neck pain, this can be further helped by applying heat and cold therapy. Cold must be applied first to release the lactic acid build-up for relaxing the neck muscles.  After the muscles feel relax, apply the heat to improve the blood circulation in the neck.

Relief from anxiety and stress

Stress is something that almost every one of us suffers from in this age of the world and sometimes we require outside help to receive calm from the things that cause this stress. Next time if you happen to feel depressed or sad, try hugging to a hot water bottle. It will improve the blood circulation to help you be relaxed. You can even add in some essential oils in the water bottle to help you mediate and fight off that stress and anxiety.

Soothing back pain

Like neck pain, back pain can also be treated with cold & hot therapy. This time, one should first place the hot water bottle on the back to help relieve the pain and then apply the cold pack. A tip to remember is never to put an ice pack on bare skin as it can lead to ice burn.

Easing up muscle cramps following workouts

After a session of intense physical training or a physical workout, muscle cramps are normal occurrences. In order to calm those cramped muscles, one should apply a hot water bottle on these affected muscles. In some cases, the whole body might feel sore after undergoing a training session, so in such cases, a hot relaxing bath is recommended to help soothe the entire body.

Healing wheezing coughing

The winter season might bring with it holidays like Christmas and New Year but it also comes with coughs, colds, and runny noses. Being sick on a winter nights can be a really frustrating thing. In order to help relieve congestion in the chest area and to breath freely, the person should sleep with a hot water bottle lied next to their chest. The warmth of the bottle will also help you fall asleep faster. But remember this; never place the water bottle on top of the heart region.

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