Makeup and Beauty Hacks To Help Revolutionize the Makeup Routine

The world of social media marketing is being dominated by makeup and beauty hacks these days. Everywhere you look and you will find the alternatives of makeup and beauty hacks to help you deal with your problems that would otherwise need surgical interventions. Still, there are so many of these makeups and beauty hacks that often at times, a person feels overwhelmed as to what they should or should not do to make themselves appear perfect.


In order to help our female readers with this dilemma, we present to you a few of the makeup and beauty hacks that will help revolutionize the make routine instantly.

Baking soda + toothpaste mixture for blackheads

For those of you ladies who are troubled by the blackheads, we offer you a Diy remedy which involves mixing a little bit of baking soda with ordinary toothpaste. Use this mixed toothpaste on the areas affected most with blackheads such as the chin, forehead and nose and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing it off with cold water. This mixture will not only get rid of the blackheads but also prevents their future outbreak.

Eyelash lift

Applying the mascara over your eyelashes every morning can be a little troublesome and some ladies are even allergic to certain ingredients of certain mascara products. One way to tackle this mascara problem is to use the Eyelash lift. You can either visit the beauty salon or can buy the Eyelash lift kits that are available online.

Plump lips

Lip augmentation surgery is filled with pricking the lips with needles and a lot of blood spewing out which can leave most scared witless.  Still, there is an exceptional makeup and beauty hack to make those lips plumped but this involves a slight poking.

You need to poke the lips slightly with tips of a fork which will help increase the blood circulation to make them appear plump than usual. After getting the lips plumped, apply a little lip gloss to highlight them.

Curls with help of duct tape

There is a unique method of getting curls on your hairs and this involves one really unusual item; the Duct Tape. Get the duct tape roll and cut off a few pieces of it in even lengths. Fold them in the paper so that the sticky part of it is on the outside of the hair and then place the curlers. Sleep for the night with this makeup and beauty hack and in the morning, you will have those beautiful curls.

Matching nail & lip gloss color

This is one of the easiest and coolest of the makeup and beauty hacks. In order to get the matching lipstick and nail colors, take your lipstick or lip gloss. Apply 2 coats of these on each nail and then cover the nails with topcoat. This is it, now you have the same matching color for the nails as your lipstick.

Mascara to be used as eyeliner

If you are going for a party but cannot seem to find you mascara, and then do not worry about it as long as you have eyeliner. Simply use it as shown in the figure above to help complete your beautiful looks.

Removing the Dark spots underarm

The hair removal products for men work so well that they can even be used by females. In fact, one product for men to treat dark spots underarms can also be used by ladies to easily remove the dark underarm spots. A recommended product is the Nivea Men Dark Spot Reduction Cream.

Looking fresher in the morning

All the ladies have been through the trouble when they wake up in the morning and are still tired because of all the ruckus and trouble that they had to go through before sleeping in the night. this often leads to the development of the dark circles under the eyes. In order to help get rid of them to appear fresher in the morning, apply a little white-colored eyeliner inside the lower waterline and this is it; you will look much fresh in the morning.

Ponytail lift

For those of you who want to have a ponytail as if the ones from the 60s, then all you need are two bobby pins and place them underneath the ponytail as shown in the figure above. This will provide the instant ponytail lift.

Reducing Pimple redness

Pimples are always painful nuisance when it comes to female beauty. The easiest and simplest of the makeup and beauty hacks to deal with them is to use the eye drop solution which contains the tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride. This substance is formulated to help reduce the swelling and redness of the pimples.

Apply 2 drops of it on the cotton pad and then place it over the pimple and let it sit for a few seconds. Afterward, remove it. The pimple will be less swollen and red.

Taming the baby hairs

If you have decided to go for the braids or the ponytail look but are troubled with the baby hairs getting out, then tick them in by using the toothbrush. After using the toothbrush to tame those baby hairs, finish with the hair spray.

Perfect cat eyeliner via the help of a bobby pin

Bobby pins are really helpful with hairdos but they are also great for using to perform the cat eyeliner.  Apply the fluid eyeliner on the bobby pin’s edge and then press it on the skin. Then color the shape inside of the pin and finish with the rest of the eye line.

Curling eyelashes with the hairdryer

In order to let the eyelashes remain curled for a long time, we recommend the use of a hairdryer.

Take the eyelash curler and then heat it with the hair dryer’s air. Let it cool for a little bit and then use it as you normally would.

Using a plastic spoon to apply mascara

To apply mascara over the hooded eyes can be a real nuisance for the ladies but our last makeup and beauty hack is related to it. Simply use the clean spoon of plastic and cover the eyelids with it. Afterward, apply the mascara as you morally would.

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