Makeup Hacks To Simplify Your Life

Every woman in this world want to look beautiful and they do millions of tricks to keep themselves look young and fresh. Today in our article you will learn some easy to use makeup hacks that will help you attain your goal of maintaining the beauty you desire.

Today you will learn how to revive your old mascara along with many other tricks to be used throughout your day.

We have collected a bunch of makeup tricks that will completely change your routine life.

So scroll down to look at these makeup hacks that will simplify your life

Reuse mascara brushes

mascara brushes

Mascara is an important makeup tool and its brush also plays a big role in presenting your eye lashes beautiful. If you have a mascara of a famous brand, you can simply wash it and use it even with any other ordinary mascara.

Mix BB cream with a highlighter

If you ladies don’t want to overload your skin with a dozen of layers of makeup but still want to maintain it fresh, smooth and shiny, then just simply mix your BB cream with a drop of any of your favorite highlighters. Apply this on the skin which is especially useful in summer. It will act as a layer of skin protection too.

Use an eyeshadow primer to avoid an oily nose


Those ladies who struggle with oily or combination skin, this hack is for you. For the oily nose, just use an eyeshadow primer on the nose and spray some setting spray over it. Lastly, put some foundation powder over it. This will allow the oily nose to stay matted all day long in those warm summer days.

Use Vaseline to remove makeup

Vaseline is a great product that can easily remove any makeup. This is what you especially need for the skin under your eyes. Instead of using the ordinary makeup removers or buying a new one each time, simply get a bottle of Vaseline. It is also a good alternative to remove makeup in the winter season when the skin gets drier than the usual.

Apply some Vaseline on skin and massage gently. Afterward, remove with a piece of tissue or a soft cloth.

DIY lip scrub

DIY lip scrub

You can make your own Lip scrub at home with simple ingredients.

Just use sugar; a natural exfoliant, olive oil; a natural moisturizer and vanilla extract; for the good taste.

Mix them together and apply it over the lips before makeup. This is helpful in the winter season to avoid dry lips.

Mix translucent powder and color correcting moisturizer.

This is another hack for the ladies who struggle with oily skin. Make your own thicker for matted look by mixing translucent powder and color correcting moisturizer.

Make lipstick last longer


This is a simple trick to make your lipstick last longer. Even the makeup artists use this trick who usually prepares the celebrities for the events like Red Carpet.

Put on a layer of lipstick and let it stay for a while. Take a napkin and gently place it over the lips to remove the excessive lipstick. Afterward, powder the lips and apply another layer of lipstick. With this hack, you will not have to worry for a long day ahead of you.

Use coconut oil to remove waterproof makeup

Whenever you are on a rainy vacation and you need to remove makeup, usually the choice is a Waterproof makeup. However, the trouble starts when it comes to removing this makeup which requires lots of time and special cosmetics.

In case you don’t have these special cosmetics to remove the waterproof makeup, just use the coconut oil. Not only will it remove the makeup easily and in less time, but it is also an organic substance that will keep your face clean, moist and fresh.

Use a hair dryer instead of an eyelash curler

hair dryer

The girls who want to curl their eyelashes, you do not need a curler. You can also use a hairdryer on low temp for a few seconds after you apply the mascara. This allows the eyelashes to curl easily.

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