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Mistakes In Dental Care That Destroy Teeth Little By Little

As per health statistical reports, about 2.4 billion people on the planet suffer from the health condition which is normally called as tooth decay. These tooth decays normally occur with a person not taking proper care of their dental hygiene or making bad choices when it comes to doing dental care. These things not only compromise one’s overall dental health but also lead to a loss of money for rectifying the damage.

We want our readers to avoid doing such dental mistakes and this is why we made a list of the mistakes in dental care that destroy our teeth little by little. You can avoid making these mistakes to keep your dental health in the best possible condition.

Ignoring the bad smell from mouth

A bad smell emanating from one’s mouth can be an indicator of poor hygiene or the underlying gm diseases. Sometimes a person does not notices the unpleasant odor coming from their mouth but the people to whom he talks can smell that strong odor. For testing the unpleasant smell from your mouth, do these simple steps.

  • Lick on the inside of the wrists.
  • Wait for about 5 to 10 seconds
  • Smell the licked wrist.

You can also do a swab on the back of your tongue for checking the smell with either the finger or a piece of the cotton swab. Just be careful not to trigger the gag reflex by going too far into the mouth.

Drinking liquids right after brushing

There is no doubt that one is going to be eating or drinking after brushing their teeth in the morning. But the thing is that once the day ends, the last taste in your mouth should be of the toothbrush and the toothpaste. Even if a person eats or drinks a cup of tea before sleeping right after brushing the teeth can be really bad for dental care.

Rinsing the teeth right after brushing

Most of us tend to rinse our teeth right after brushing the teeth and it is a good thing. The mistake we all make is to spit that water out which is totally wrong. Drink up that rising water as it can prevent tooth decay by almost 25 percent. The flavor of the toothbrush is really intense but once used to it, it won’t matter much.

Not brushing teeth for too long

If you are someone that brushes their teeth for only 30 seconds at a time, then it is no good for the teeth. On the other hand, it can be damaging as it can lead to cavities as well as many other dental problems. The standard rule of brushing one’s teeth is to spend about 30 seconds on each of the mouth’s quadrant. By this standard time, one should brush their teeth for about 2 minutes.

Brushing teeth too hard

When a person brushes teeth, they normally start brushing teeth really hard. However, this is not a good approach because it can lead to the enamel being harmed significantly which can make the teeth really sensitive. One other important thing here is to choose the right toothbrush that is suitable for your teeth. It is best to consult on choosing the toothbrush part with your regular dentist.

Brushing teeth after eating a meal

Make this a note; one should never immediately brush their teeth after having a meal or a drink. Doing so can only cause a negative impact on the tooth enamel especially if a person has eaten something that is acidic in nature. After having a meal or a drink, one should wait for at least 30 minutes before brushing teeth.

Not changing the toothbrush periodically

The normal recommendation from the dentists is to change one’s toothbrush after every 3 months’ time period. If you do not replace it within this time period, then you do it as soon when the bristles start getting frayed. By changing the toothbrush periodically, the brushing will get more productive and a good toothbrush will pass through each nook & cranny between the teeth.

Not changing the toothbrush when sick

This is no brainer; toothbrushes do not kill the bacteria present in the mouth. When a person is sick, they should simply change their brush so that they might not get a disease for a second time. Also, take care that the previous brush does not make any contact with the new one during the time the person is ill.

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