More Tips For Instant First Aid

Well, human health is one thing that we can take no chances upon and it is also a fact that the human body is frail and trends to get injured easily. Last time we presented to you a few quick first aid tips and now we are back with some more tips for instant first aid.

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Some of these might actually save your life if they are performed with a calm mind. So without further ado, let’s have a read of them.


hand injury

When you or a person close to you suffer from a fracture, then instead of trying to keep the wounded area straight, keep it stabilized a swell as immobile by the use of padding or a splint. After securing the fractured area in place, it is best to always look for professional medical help.

Eye injuries

Eye injuries

If you find yourself in a situation where you suffered from an injury you should immediately and firstly wash the wound clean but if your eyes get injured then you should cover the eyes with a clean cloth and only seek for professional medical help. If you risk cleaning the eye injury yourself you might do more damage than harm to this soft body part that might result in permanent damage.

The only exception to this safety tip is if you get chemicals in your eye. In such a case, you should immediately flush them out by pouring water on them.



Splinters being infested with germs and bacteria can easily cause an infection to open skin. This is why when dealing with splinters, it is best to be sterile. If the splinter gets stick deep inside the skin, then the person should first spray an antiseptic to clean the area and then with the help of a sterilized needle, dislodged it out of the skin. Once the splinter is visible for picking, you can take it out with the help of sterilized tweezers. After taking out the splinter, it is best to wash the hands with soap.

Snake Bites

Snake Bites

TV shows and films often show us that the poison of a snake bite can be sucked through the bitten area. But the reality is that it has already gotten inside the bloodstream.

The most important thing in such cases is to just be calm and relax because if a person starts to panic, their heart rate increases which cause the venom to spread faster. Also, do not take any painkillers after the bite as they thing the blood causing the venom to spread faster as well. Be sure to not walk or start running and instead call the medical authorities to get anti-venom shot timely. One thing you can still do is to rub some coconut oil on the bitten area to keep it safe from getting infected and put a bandaged over it.

Jellyfish Stings

Jellyfish Stings

A nice day on a beach can be ruined if you get stung by a jellyfish. It can be simply treated for pain by pouring salt water on the wound. Other compounds such as hot water, solution flaking soda and water, and vinegar can also help to ease the pain of the jellyfish sting.

As for drawing out the jellyfish venom, activated charcoal is the best ingredient.

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