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Nail Hacks That Will Make One A Manicure Expert

Nails are one of the numerous body parts that reveal a lot about the health of a person and especially for the ladies. For example, the nails can reveal if a person is suffering from heart disease or chronic bronchitis. This is why it is necessary to maintain a good manicure health to ensure the good health in front of other people to tell them as to how good you take care of your body.

Today we bring to you a few nail hacks that can make you a manicure expert.

Removing the stubborn nail polish less than 5 minutes

For those of you who need to remove the stubborn stains of the nail polish from the nails, we recommend using the small pieces of cotton and soak them in the nail polish remover.  Place these cotton pieces on the nails for at least 5 minutes.

In order to fasten this process, we recommend wrapping the nails in the aluminum foil and let it sit for a few minutes. 

Cut a special design with the help of the clear band-aid

In order to get a new look for the nails, sticker designs are our recommendation. However, they only come in 1 sheet and this makes a person confused about how to cut the perfect shape for their nail bed.

To help with this, cut a piece of scotch tape and place it over the nails. Now trace the outline of the nail over it and use this as a template for cutting the right amount of nail sheet.

Using the peel-off base

One of the greatest finds for the manicure is the safety of the nails and that is the peel-off base. You will not only be able to eliminate the chemicals from the nail polish remover as well as roughing of the nail beds from the nail file.

Create dotting tools yourself

For those of you who want to have a dotting tool for your nails but cannot afford to buy tone then do not worry about it. you can even use a pen or a pencil with the rubber top and piece it with help of a fabric pin.

Even if you cannot have these items, then you can simply make use of the bobby pin which has a round top to help you in a flawless manner.

Homemade nail bath for taking care of the nails

If you need to take care of your nails then you can try soaking your nails in a nail bath. In order to make an effective nail bath, follow the down below steps.

  • First, remove the nail polish from your nails properly.
  • Afterward, file the nails in a clean manner.
  • Create a warm bath by adding lemon wedges, 2 tbsp of sugar and half a cup of baking soda in 1 cup of warm water.

Mix these ingredients well and soak your fingers for at least 2 minutes. This bath is going to help moisturize the nails. Be sure to dry the nails instead of rinsing them. Afterward, cover the nails with a nail polish of your choosing.

Using Aquaphor to prevent any smudges

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you don’t have the nail latex and you are now not had the ability to apply the nail polish in the best way? Well if that is the case, then try applying the Aquaphor. Simply cover your finger with it around the nail and then paint as you like.

Afterward, remove the Aquaphor along with any spilled over polish.

Avoid using a hairdryer for drying the nail polish

While it might sound convenient to dry the nail polish by use of the hairdryer, you should still refrain from doing it. It is going to create the bubble and is going to ruin your whole manicure regime.

Instead, we recommend using a cold water bath or oil. You can also try to place your hand underneath a running cold water tap to let the nail polish dry fast.

Manipulating the consistency of the nail polish

Over time, the contents of a nail polish bottle often become too thick or too runny for applying them appropriately over the nails.

However, we have come up with a great way to help fix this major crisis. All you need to do is to close the bottle tightly and place it inside the cold water or the hot water to help manage the consistency of the nail polish in a better way. Depending upon your requirement, it only takes about a few minutes to make the nail polish either thick or runny.

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