Natural Remedies to Cure Common Ailments

The homemade natural remedies are a great way to relive a person from feeling different kinds of pains to feel a lot better. These remedies are only helpful if a person is sure that they do not require any professional medical care.

Today we have gathered a bunch of natural remedies to treat some common ailments safely and effectively.

Back pain

Back pain

Few of the natural remedies for back pain are as follows.

  • Some special Acupressure points are located on the lower back just below the waist and above the hips. Ask someone to massage them gently for you for relief.
  • Try massaging your back with Sandalwood oil which is renowned for proving relaxing effects.
  • Try using heat and cold therapies. Use the heat and cold packs for 20 minutes.
  • For a natural remedy, boil 1 liter of water and add in it 1/4 liter of vinegar and 2 tbsp of Rosemary. Wet a towel in this and apply it to have temporary relief.

A headache

Few of the natural remedies for Headache are as follows.

  • Lie down and place a cold pack for 15 minutes on the area that pains much.
  • Make a remedy by mixing garlic juice of 1 clove with 1 tbsp of honey. Drink this as it will reactivate the brain’s sensory areas to make the pain go away.
  • Place 2 slices of potatoes on both temples for 30 minutes.

Nasal congestion

Nasal congestion

Few of the natural remedies for Nasal Congestion are as follows.

  • Boil some Eucalyptus Leaves in water. Inhale the steam form this boiling water by placing your head over it. Take deep breaths for maximum effect. This remedy promotes Sinus drainage.
  • Also try boiling the mix of bay leaf, sage and cinnamon in water for 10 minutes. Try breathing the steam of this mixture. This mixture has a great smell which is strong enough to unclog any type of stuffy nose.
  • Make a drink for nasal congestion adding 2 tbsp of ACV and 2 tbsp of honey in a glass of water. Mix them well and let them sit for a while before drinking it.


Few of the natural remedies for Dermatitis are as follows.

  • Add 500 grams of oatmeal in 1 liter of water and stir them well while boiling them. Let the mixture cool. Compress the oatmeal and apply it over the affected skin areas.
  • Add some milk, yogurt or juice in a Brewer’s Yeast. This mixture acts as a natural cleanser for skin problems like dermatitis.
  • Boil some pieces of Thyme in a bowl of water. Let it cool down and apply the herb over the affected skin. This herb provides relief from itching and irritation.

A migraine

Few of the natural remedies for a Migraine are as follows.

  • Chamomile Tea is renowned for its relaxing effects and has been in use for centuries for treating headaches and Migraine pains.
  • Caffeine is known as a powerful Vasodilator. Drinking a cup of black coffee without any type of sugar helps a relief from a Migraine.

Stomach ache, indigestion, or heartburn

Stomach ache

Few of the natural remedies for Stomach ache, indigestion, or heartburn are as follows.

  • Chicken soup is immensely beneficial to calm an upset stomach. However, remove the fat from the soup before drinking it and also add some lemon juice in it.
  • Put 1 tbsp of Cinnamon, anise, mint, and basil in ½ liter of water and boil them for 10 minutes. Drink half a cup every hour to have relief from any type of stomach discomfort.

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