Natural Remedies To Get Rid of White Tongue and Make It Healthier

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The vitality of our body is not only derivable from our feces, urine, and sweat but also through our tongues. If you regularly remove the poison for your tongue then you can maintain constant detoxification of your body. Cleaning a tongue as several benefits; first of all it would improve the sensitivity of the taste buds and freshens up your tongue but also prevent the onset of many oral problems like cavities, plaque and gums diseases.


Today we have selected a bunch of effective ways to help you treat the white tongue problem and make it healthy.

White tongue is generally the indicator for the diseases. According to ancient healers, a body cannot be completely cured if the tongue is not healthy. The location of the white plaque on the tongue is helpful in accurately treating a certain organ and it can be only the following locations.

  • The front and tip of the tongue: it points out to respiratory system diseases. The lungs are the cause of plaque formation along the edges of the tongue. 
  • The middle part of the tongue: if it’s on the left edge, it points out to the liver diseases. If it is on the left edge it indicates pancreas related problems and if it’s in the middle it points out to stomach related problems. 
  • Bottom of the tongue: the whiteness in this region points out problems related to kidneys and intestines. It can be an onset of gastritis, stomach ulcers or duodenal ulcers. 

There are many natural remedies to help a person clean and disinfect their tongue. Cleaning the tongue from white plaque allows the body to have improved oral health.



It seems ironic that Garlic is a remedy for tongue cleaning because we normally have been told that garlic is the cause of bad breath. Disregard any of your old beliefs about garlic and consume raw garlic. It helps in killing the bacteria and cleansing the tongue.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera contains in it anti-inflammation and healing characteristics. If a person wants to clean their tongue by killing any bacteria on it, just put one tbsp of Aloe Vera juice over your tongue and swish it around the mouth for few minutes and spit out.  Rinse afterward with warm water. Try to perform this method a few times a day.



Salt is another great natural product to disinfect the tongue. The salt particles are efficient in removing any dead cells and any sort of contamination from the tongue. Sprinkle little amount of salt over the tongue and brush it with a toothbrush gently. Rinse afterward with warm water and repeat the process a few times a week.



Turmeric is not only a well-known spice but also a great disinfectant for the tongue. You can make your own tongue disinfectant by mixing turmeric powder and citrus juice. Rub this paste over tongue for few minutes and rinse it off with warm water.

Disinfecting mouthwash with herbs and salt

Some of the following herbs have the great medical effects for the tongue cleaning.

  • Chamomile
  • Mint
  • Sage

To make a mouth wash of herbs and salt follow this recipe.

  • Take 1 tbsp of chamomile, 1 tbsp of mint, 1 tbsp of sage and a pinch of oak bark.
  • Put all of these herbs in 4 cups of boiled water
  • Let the broth cool down and strain it
  • Add in this cooled down broth  1 tbsp of salt
  • Gargle on this broth 1 a day after brushing your teeth.

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