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Natural Remedies To Help You Heal Dry Eyes

According to the reports of the National Health Service’s report, nearly 1 out of every 3 people suffer from dry eyes at one point in their life. The condition of dry eyes occurs normally when the eyes are not able to produce enough amounts of tears or the tears produced are evaporated quickly, unable to keep the eyes hydrated.

The main cause for this is hormonal changes in the human body while some others are as follows.

  • Activities
  • Environmental changes
  • Contact lenses
  • Certain medications

Fortunately for our reads, there are a lot of natural remedies to help heal the Dry Eyes without the use of any kind of medication.

Try a warm compress

Tears are made primarily of oil, water, and mucus; all of them in equal amounts. When the eyes suffer certain irritation, the eyes tend to stop the production of oil in the glands of eyelids that eventually lead to dry eyes.

One easy way to alleviate the symptoms is to perform a warm compress on the eyelids for a few minutes. The moisture of the warm cloth helps by loosening the clogged oils present in the glands. To perform warm compress follow these instructions.

  • Take a piece of lean cloth and wet it with warm water.
  • Squeeze the excess water and place the cloth on eyes for 5 minutes.
  • Press the cloth gently over the eyelids.
  • Repeat this process daily until the inflammation reduces.

Keep your eyes clean with Baking Soda

Good hygiene is the key to keeping the eyes from being dry. When you clean your eyelids, especially the lid margins of the eyelids, you are actually removing the debris that can build up over a long time and clog the glands that produce oils in the eyes. You can clean your eyes with the following baking soda remedy at home easily.

  • Take a bowl of hot water and let it cool down but still lukewarm.
  • Add one tbsp of baking soda in it.
  • Dip a clean cotton pad in this solution and wipe off the debris from eyelids as well as from eyelashes
  • Repeat the process few times; use clean cotton ad each time.
  • Perform this process a few times a week.

Apply cucumber slices

According to several studies, the cucumbers are helpful to reduce the swelling around the eyes as well as keep them hydrated and unclog the oil-producing glands of the eyes. As cucumbers have high water content, they also moisturize the eyes and penetrate into the skin to keep the eyes hydrated.

  • Take 2 pieces o a fresh cucumber and place them over your eyes.
  • Let them placed there for 15 minutes until they get dry.
  • Repeat the process two times a week.

Double up on Omega-3s

It is a proven health fact that Omega-3 has numerous hath benefits. Omega-3 fatty acids have molecules that help build the cell membrane as well as fight the inflammation and promote the production of natural oil from the eye glands.

  • Take Omega-3 based supplements
  • Incorporate a diet enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids like salmon, tuna, flaxseeds, chia seeds, and canola oils.

Prepare an Ayurvedic eye treatment with Netra Tarpana

Netra Tarpana is an Ayurvedic treatment that is able to help fight many eye-related conditions like the following.

  • Conjunctivitis
  •  dry eye syndrome
  •  watery eyes
  •  corneal ulcers
  • Inflammations

The remedy is used by making a circular form of Black Dram Dough which is placed around the eyes. After that warm Ghee is slowly poured inside this circle which is allowed to sit for 15 minutes.

Another important part of this process is that the patient will need to move their eyes in 4 different directions. These motions allow the ghee to penetrate in the eye socket well to nourish it.

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