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nipple pain treatment

This can be a kind of ache that occurs within the breast tissue across the space of nipple. Nipple ache might be related to different indicators and signs, like pores and skin adjustments, itching, breast lump or mass, and nipple discharge and breast ache. When you have an infection of the breast’s pores and skin, then it might result in nipple ache. Trauma attributable to poorly or tight becoming undergarments or from sexual exercise can irritate the pores and skin of the nipple, which is resulting in soreness or ache. In some circumstances, breastfeeding can result in chapped or chafing nipples that could be sore. Nipple ache might be attributable to menstrual cycle or in early being pregnant. There might be different causes of nipple ache, corresponding to bacterial infections, mastitis and breast abscess. There might be breast or nipple signs, which can occur together with the nipple ache, corresponding to change within the measurement, form or look of the breast; breast lump; breast tenderness; bleeding from the nipple, and many others. Fever and nausea with or with out vomiting accompany nipple ache in some circumstances. There are some circumstances when nipple ache in a mix with different signs (like important lower in urine output; confusion or lack of consciousness for even a quick second; shortness of breath; fainting or change in stage of consciousness or lethargy) can point out a critical situation. It’s good to discuss along with your physician should you endure from nipple ache, earlier than you utilize among the beneath talked about dwelling treatments, so you’ll keep away from unwanted effects.

how to treat sore nipplesPure therapies for nipple ache

Heat compress:

You possibly can apply a heat and compress after breast – feeding, so this may soothe the sore and cracked nipples, in addition to the nipple ache. After you’ve nursed your child, dip a washcloth in heat water after which, squeeze out the surplus water. Then, put the washcloth over the nipples in a interval of couple of minutes and gently pat dry.


Ice can be utilized as pure therapy for the nipple ache. You possibly can apply ice to your nipples earlier than breastfeeding your child, so this can assist to ease the preliminary discomfort of child latching on.

Apply breast milk:

It’s possible you’ll be shocked that we talked about breast milk as your pure treatment for nipple pain. However, this is without doubt one of the most soothing and therapeutic pure therapies which you’ll be able to apply to get a aid from the nipple ache. It’s best to dab a number of drops of breast milk onto your nipples after feeding your child after which, let it air – dry. The breast milk is antibacterial and this makes it top-of-the-line pure therapies for nipple ache. You shouldn’t apply the breast milk f you’ve thrush.

Sizzling oil compress:

Sizzling oils are used loads for massages, however they can be utilized for nipple ache too. You may make a compress with coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil. It’s best to soak a smooth fabric with oil, wrap it with one other smooth fabric, after which put it on the breast. It’s best to place a scorching water bottle on the highest of it. You possibly can re – warmth the pad.

Vitamin C:

This vitamin has many well being advantages, corresponding to growing the immunity and dashing up the therapeutic course of. This is without doubt one of the greatest pure therapies which you’ll be able to eat on your nipple ache. It’s best to eat extra inexperienced, leafy greens like bell peppers, parsley, broccoli, celery, kale and spinach. Additionally, you need to eat citrus fruits, corresponding to melons, kiwis, guava, papaya and oranges.

Basil leaves:

You should utilize basil leaves as your pure therapy for nipple ache. This dwelling treatment is understood for its soothing impact on pores and skin infections. In lots of circumstances, pores and skin infections could cause cracked, bleeding and painful nipples. Basil leaves can assist to heal the nipple ache sooner. It’s best to wash a cup of basil leaves and grind them to make a paste. It’s best to apply this paste to your nipples and let it keep there for thirty minutes. It’s best to repeat this pure therapy till nipples are utterly healed.

Begin with the wholesome aspect:

When your each nipples are in dangerous form, then it doesn’t matter which one you’ll begin when nursing your child. However, you probably have one nipple that hurts greater than different, then put your child on the final painful aspect first. They’ll nurse extra gently on the second breast, as a result of they won’t be as hungry.

Put on the correct bra:

It’s best to make sure that your bra shouldn’t be too tough or too tight. It’s best to deal with your nipples as gently as doable. You must also rinse your bras totally after washing them, as a result of traces of detergent left in your bra might irritate your pores and skin much more.

Salt water rinse:

The saline resolution can assist to scrub and hydrate the sore. It’s best to combine one – half teaspoon of salt in 200 ml of heat water until it’s utterly dissolved. It’s best to dip a cotton ball into this resolution and apply it on the affected space. Then, pat to dry.

Tea baggage:

You should utilize the used tea begs to heal the nipple ache. You possibly can soak chamomile tea bag in scorching water for a couple of minutes. It’s best to take them out and permit it cool. Squeeze out the surplus water gently and put them on the nipples so long as you want.

Aloe Vera:

This pure therapy is understood for its cooling and soothing properties. Additionally, it will probably assist in the therapy of nipple ache. It’s best to lower Aloe Vera leaf and let it keep for 10 – quarter-hour, so the toxins. Then, lower it open. Scoop out the gel inside and apply it to your nipple and let it dry.

Change breasts pads continuously:

If you end up buying breast pads, then you need to select smooth and cotton kind or disposable pads. It’s best to change them continuously, so they won’t keep moist in your nipples. Should you depart the breast pads moist in your breasts, they will additional nipple irritation and improve the prospect of getting an an infection.

Olive oil:

Any such oil is discovered nearly in each dwelling. It’s working as a fast and efficient dwelling treatment for nipple ache. It’s best to combine one drop of tea tree oil and one tablespoon of olive oil in lukewarm water. You possibly can apply this dwelling treatment in your nipples utilizing a clear cotton ball. It’s best to let it dry, then rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry.

Tea tree oil:

This pure therapy is understood for its anti – inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. It may assist to cut back the irritation. It’s best to combine a number of drops of tea tree oil with lukewarm water and gently apply it in your nipples. It’s best to let it dry by itself after which rinse it with clear water.

Apple cider vinegar:

The apple cider vinegar has antibacterial properties and it will probably assist in the case of sore nipples. This might be your pure therapy for nipple ache. It’s best to combine one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a single cup of water. After breastfeeding, you need to dip a cotton ball into the combination and squeeze out the surplus liquid. It’s best to apply this pure therapy over the nipple and areola after which pat dry. Then, apply uncooked coconut oil, which can assist to appease the dry cracks.


It is rather vital to watch the private hygiene with a view to forestall the nipple ache. It’s best to put on solely clear and smooth bras and you need to change your bra on each day foundation. It’s best to use a gentle detergent for laundry your bra, as a result of harsh ones can irritate your nipples, inflicting soreness.

Don’t use soaps and chemical compounds:

It’s best to take care to not use soaps or a physique – wash in your nipples whereas bathing. It’s best to use solely lukewarm water to clean your nipples and allow them to to air dry. It’s recognized that soaps can have harsh chemical compounds they usually could cause your nipples to change into sore and tender. Additionally, you shouldn’t use cologne, deodorant or powder in your nipples or breasts.


It’s recognized that calendula flower may give you a aid from the chapped and cracked nipples. This might be your pure therapy for nipple ache. It’s best to crush 1 – 2 calendula flowers and make it as a paste. It’s best to apply it in your sore nipple and let it dry by itself. Additionally, you may combine equal quantities of calendula oil and olive oil to make a combination or apply a calendula ointment to your nipples.

Heat bathe:

You possibly can take scorching or heat bathe and therapeutic massage your breasts, so this can assist you to get a aid from the nipple ache.

Witch hazel:

It’s best to apply witch hazel to your nipples, so this can assist to cut back the irritation, get rid of itching and offer you a aid from the ache.

Chamomile tea:

This pure therapy has anti – microbial and anti – inflammatory properties. You possibly can drink chamomile tea and you should utilize the tea baggage in your nipples to get a aid from the nipple ache.


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