Natural Ways For Lowering The Blood Pressure In Mere Minutes

If any of you suddenly start feeling headaches along with unusual fatigue and irregular heartbeat then you might be suffering from High Blood Pressure. This can generally be caused due to stress, obesity or lack of sleep. Luckily for our readers, we do not some tricks to help you control your blood pressure.

So we present to you some natural ways for lowering the blood pressure in mere minutes.

Massaging one’s neck and ears

The head and neck region have three spots that are efficient in controlling one’s blood pressure.

  • The first of these points is behind the earlobe and the other is right below it and right above the collar bone. Gently massage this line of two points with your fingers in up and down motions. These spots are located on both sides of the neck.  
  • The third and the final point is located on a person’s face right beside the earlobe. It is located half a centimeter away from the earlobe. Massage this point in counterclockwise motions with the finger for at least 1 minute.


One of the most effective pressure points to help alleviate the high blood pressure is the GB 20 or the Wind Pool points. These points are located at the base of the human skull where the depression for the spine starts. These points can be activated at the same time by applying constant but gentle pressure with the help of thumbs. Perform this acupressure for 1 minute and you will notice a decrease in your blood pressure symptoms.

Bhramari pranayama aka The Hissing Bee Breathing

Bhramari pranayama which is commonly known as the hissing bee breathing technique is the most effective technique that relaxes the mind and helps to alleviate any kind of headache or migraines that come with high blood pressure.

Steps to performing it are down below.

  • Sit down and assume a comfortable position while keeping your back straight
  • Place the index fingers upon the cartilages of your ears
  • Now take a deep breath slowly in
  • Now while exhaling, a person should make a humming sound as a bee does all the while putting mild pressure over the cartilages
  • Perform this exercise at least 7 times in one session

Listening to classical music

According to recent research, listening to classical music, most preferably the Indian or Celtic music actually helps to drop down the high levels of blood pressure. Listening to classical music helps by producing a calming effect on the body as it reduces the cortisol levels of the body. Cortisol is the stress hormone of the body.

The best classical music is the one that only contains music and no lyrics and also tends to repeat certain parts after certain intervals.

Drinking a glass of water

One of the reasons for blood pressure increase can be dehydration. When a person is dehydrated the volume of their blood tends to decrease that causes their peripheral resistance to increase.

This is why doctors often recommend that if you feel the symptoms of hypertension, you should start treating it by drinking 1 or 2 glasses of water. This not only restores the adequate volume of the blood in the body but also to lower down the blood pressure.

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