Personal Items You Should Not Share Even With Your Loved Ones

Some items are to be kept personal and must not be shared with anyone. For example, earphones, if worn for a long period of items can lead to bacterial growth and thus are not great for sharing with others. Sharing eh bacteria infested earphones can not only promote the bacterial growth in ears of others but also lead to some serious bacterial infections. In order to maintain your own better health and to prevent others from contracting health problems, it is better than a person must keep some items personal.

Today we have made a list of the personal items you should not share even with your loved ones.

Nail clippers

The first item on our list is the nail clippers. Although we cannot see them, there is actually a large population of bacteria, viruses as well as other harmful fungal organisms that live on our fingernails. This is the reason that a nail clipper used on the fingers of one person can be a breeding ground for the various infections.

The use of the nail clippers for more than one person has been linked to causing many fungal diseases as well s HPV (Human Papillomavirus).


The ear coatings many blood vessels. If you share an earring of your fiend, then you can easily be affected with any blood-borne disease. Even if you want to use your friend’s earrings then clean them with alcohol first.

Lip balm

The underside of the lips also has many blood vessels. These blood vessels are connected to the skin surface and whatever a person applies to them; they will transport them directly into the bloodstream.

The most common problem that arises by use of lip balm is the transfer of the Herpes virus. This condition can be contracted even if the original user of the lip balm does not have visible Herpes symptoms.

Eyebrow tweezers

The use of eyebrow tweezers is not that much of a big deal. However, when they are used to take out some hard ingrown hairs, there is some blood bound to leak and that tool can now be an infection carrier for someone.

Tweezers have been studied to be the carrier of diseases like HIV AIDS and Hepatitis C. To use them a user must clean them with alcohol every time.

Ball deodorant

Ball deodorants are able to carry many infectious bacteria. If the person using them has small wounds, these bacteria can easily invade the body. These deodorants only hide the smell of sweat but not the growth of bacteria. It is best to choose an antibacterial deodorant and still not share it with anyone else.

Bar soap

Microorganism tends to cover the full length of a bar soap after each individual use. Some microbes are harmless but some are deadly viruses. To make matters worse, soap tends to lie wet in the soap container and moist places are the ideal growth environment for the bacteria, fungi as well as viruses.

It is better to use liquid soap from a dispenser instead of ball soap.

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