Popular Home Remedies That Are Damaging Your Hair

Haircare is something that all the ladies in the world give most attention to. They say that to a woman, her hairs are her most prized possession. This is why there are so many of the home remedies to take care of the hair. Women use all types of stuff such as eggs, kefir and sometimes even the kerosene remedies to treat their hairs. While these remedies do work but sometimes they have their own underlying problems.

Today we have made a list of some of the popular home remedies that are damaging your hair in reality.


Results promised:

Onion based home remedies promise to give the following benefits to hair.

  • Strong roots
  • Rapid hair growth
  • Shiny hair
  • Thick hair

There is even a lot of information that points to the fact that onion and garlic actually help in some cases to treat baldness.

What can happen?

  • Onion juice extracted from fresh onions can cause a lot of inflammation on the scalp. This inflammation occurs faster if the scalp has scratches.
  • This is a no brainer; onion has a strong and a long-lasting stench. While using the onion-based remedies, one should also look for ways to eliminate the onion’s smell.
  • The smell of onion tends to accumulate with each application of the mask and become difficult to be removed and most of the onion-based remedies recommend their use for a few weeks.
  • The liquid of onion can not only cause the above-explained side effects but also the eye tearing effect.


Results promised:

Using egg-based home remedies promise to provide the following benefits to hair.

  • Elimination of split ends
  • Due to vitamin A & E hair become shiny and smooth

What can happen?

  • The main problem that arises with the egg-based mask is that most people use the egg mask made of egg white. If that is the case, then that person should only rinse this mask off with cold water. If hot water is used for rinsing, then you are going to end up combing out the pieces of boiled egg.
  • It has long been proven that egg whites are too dense in mass which makes them unable to penetrate deep into the hair and build up a strong binding force. Therefore it is never a good idea to use egg-based hair masks.
  • Like the onion, the smell of eggs is very hard to get rid of.

Baking soda

Results promised:

Use of baking soda based hair remedies promises following benefits to hair.

  • Hairs become less greasy
  • Hairs become shiny and smooth
  • The remedies are cheap

What can happen?

  • While the pH level of the human scalp is 5.5, the pH of baking soda is 9 and the acidity of hair is 3.67. There are many studies which confirm that rinsing your hairs with products that have a pH level of 5.5 or greater is actually harmful to hair health. It can lead to hair getting damaged with more tangles and also be less fragile.


Results promised:

Use of slat based home remedies for hair promise to provide the following results.

  • Peeling effect for the scalp
  • Rapid hair growth

What can happen?

While experts also agree with rinsing your hairs with water and then scrubbing the scalp with salt, there are still some of the following warnings associated with the use of salt-based remedies.

  • Using a salt mask on the scalp can cause intense burning. It is best to use this slat mask by knowing beforehand that the scalp has no injuries or scratches.
  • Never apply the salt mask on dry hairs as it causes the hair to get dry and this promotes hair loss and in extreme cases hair loss. It is also recommended to only use the salt hair masks once in a week. After performing 10 salt mask procedures, a break of several months is highly recommended.  


Results promised:

There are countless home remedies that include the use of acid-based products such as vinegar, fermented milk and lemon juice to treat one’s hairs. All these remedies, promise that after the use, hair becomes soft, healthy and smooth.

What can happen?

  • Due to the pH index of the human scalp being 5.5 most of the hair cosmetic products also have a pH level near this point. Experts claim that products which have pH level less than 3 such as in vinegar and lemon juice and the products which have pH level 4.4 in products such as kefir and yogurt; their use can result in intense skin irritation.
  • Acids in products such as yogurt and kefir can cause the hairs to get dry which then causes them to be rough and get tangled.
  • Lemon juice and kefir based remedies have been in use for a long time to remove the hair dyes. Still, you should be vigilant to applying these masks on the hairs that are freshly colored.
  • The smell of a kefir mask might not be as bad as the onion or egg-based ask, it is still not the best one and is also extremely hard to eliminate in a short time.


Results promised:

The use of kerosene-based remedies originates from the old times when this product was used to rid hairs from lice. This method actually proved to be a great one to get rid of lice and also at that time it was found that it also aids in stopping the hair loss as well as makes hair thick and shiny.

What can happen?

  • Kerosene is actually a product obtained from refining crude oil. This product has a viscous structure with a strong corrosive smell. This smell is very hard to get rid of with the use of ordinary shampoos and even sometimes with essential oils. This is because hairs are pores in nature and they absorb this smell deeply inside.
  • This substance is extremely toxic when it penetrates the body. The frequent reaction of the kerosene oil with the body can cause the following disorders as per the research of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health in the USA.
  • irritation of the eyes
  • skin, throat, and nose mucous
  • dermatitis
  • burning sensation in the chest
  •  headache
  • digestive disorders
  • confusion
  • anxiety

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