Positive Effects On Body, If You Eat Garlic Every Day

Garlic is a plant that nearly each one of us has consumed once in our lives. We are so used to eating it in our daily life that we are actually unaware of its many health-related benefits. Did you know that the garlic is not only beneficial in treating the cold?

Today we are going to tell our readers as to what happens when you eat garlic every day.

You’ll become more attractive

Garlic makes people more attractive, especially men. However, the problem is that the smell of garlic on breath makes it impossible for them to have communication.

According to recent studies, this problem has also been solved. Experts say that if a man eats two cloves of garlic 12 hours prior to any meeting, they will have increased attractiveness towards the opposite gender.

Your immune system will improve

While the fact that has been known by our elders for a long time that Garlic treats cold and many other conditions; science has lately also proven it.

If a person consumes garlic in winter they will not develop cold. The reason for this that it contains vitamins, oils, and amino acids as well as a compound called “Allicin” which is an organic compound that kills bacteria and fungi to keep certain diseases at bay.

Your blood pressure will stabilize

For those who suffer from high blood pressure, add garlic to your daily diet. It helps by widening the blood vessels as well as decreasing the arterial pressure. The headaches that are caused by a load on the heart from blood pressure will also dissipate.

To cure hypertension, a person should eat 4 cloves of garlic daily. Garlic also helps decrease the level of bad cholesterol in the blood by almost 15 percent. This helps reduce the risk of a person having a stroke.

Your memory will improve

According to on heath theory, the body and brain both age as a result of a chemical process called oxidation in which we consume food and air to produce energy for the brain and body. This process also destroys the cells that lead to skin getting saggy with time and brain stops being as sharp as it once was. To fight off the effects of oxidation and keep the body young; one should consume anti-oxidants.

While the pharmaceutical giants sell these antioxidant supplements for a high sum of money, Garlic provides it for free. It contains necessary anti-oxidants that help prevent the brain from aging. For elderly people, consuming garlic on daily basis results in having them less risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. As for Young people, they will have improved memory and brain productivity.

Your stamina will increase

Garlic also makes the heart and body muscles work in a more effective manner. For those who play sports eating garlic would improve your results.

Back in ancient Greek, when no one had any idea about doping; Olympians were fed high amounts of garlic which made them run faster and throw put farther away than normal competitors.

I not only ah benefits for people who are involved in sports but also helps normal people to have following benefits.

  • Less tiredness
  • Increased productivity
  • Makes the body more effective against diseases in cold weather

Your hair and skin will improve too

For hairs, consuming garlic promotes their growth to make them longer and thicker.  It also helps treat the localized Alopecia. To have this benefit, one should apply some garlic paste over the scalp.

If you consume garlic every day, it stimulates the Fibroblasts which are the cells that renew the skin. Consuming 2 cloves of garlic daily result in better production of collagen and elastin.

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