Possible Reasons As To Why One of The Legs Can Become Shorter Than The Other One

Although this a rare condition but there still exists a possibility in which a person’s one leg can be shorter than the otter one. Most people are often born with the condition but it is hardly noticeable until a person is fully grown up as an adult. You will be surprised to know that many people are actually not born with this disorder but instead, some type of incident or accident leads to their legs being grown unevenly. As for other times, the reasons are still unknown.

We want our readers to be informed about their health and that is why we are sharing all of the possible reasons as to why one of a person’s legs can become shorter than the other.

Bone injury

If your leg is broken, there is a slight chance that the bone may start to grow in a different direction. This is most likely to happen when the bone is broken from multiple places or if the muscle tissue got harmed during the fracture. What is more interesting here to note is that the bone breakage does not always cause the bone to be stunt but there are often times when the healing process causes the bone to grow abnormally large.

Sports-related injuries

Children are often susceptible to stunting their bones and growth of the limbs while they play sports because of the growth plates becoming solid bones once they enter adulthood. Common examples of such sports are contact sports like soccer or football or the simple recreational games such as skiing and skateboarding are the riskiest ones.

Excessive use of limbs

When a person plays sports, they are simply overusing their legs and arms which causes chronic stress to be placed on the limbs. Doing these movements with the arms can cause a condition which is called the “Little League Shoulder”. This does not mean that playing sports is a bad thing but one should not stick to playing a single one all the time.


Common accidents such as collisions or falls can also cause the bones to suffer impacts differently and in the case of little children, these falls can cause their growth plates to get hurt badly. Accidents can also cause the spinal cord of a person to get injured which can further lead to severe bone loss.

Risky activities

Many of the common activities from one’s childhood such as jumping on a trampoline or an inflatable house can be the riskiest of the things that one might imagine. Trampolines are known for causing the falls, fractures and in some serious cases, the spinal cord injuries. This is why one should always make sure that the activities their kids are performing are well monitored and safe.

Uneven posture

Most of you might already have heard things like that a bad posture can cause the legs to be uneven but it only occurs in appearance. Despite this popular belief, the condition causes by uneven posture is postural scoliosis. This condition itself does not cause the person to feel pain or deform their bones instead this is a completely reversible condition with exercise and proper training.


There are also numerous diseases and illnesses that can heavily impact the way a person’s bones grow such as the development of tumors on the bone plates or the cartilage growths on the bones. Even some of the nervous system diseases can cause a serious negative impact on stunt bone growth.

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