Pressure Points To Lower Blood Pressure and provide relief from headache, anxiety and fatigue

Nearly one out of every 3 people nowadays suffer from the High Blood Pressure problem with only 54 percent of the total suffering population being able to keep the blood pressure in control. While there is a full-fledge medical treatment for keeping the blood pressure under control, there are some easy to perform fixes as well. One of these easy fixes is Acupressure through which a person can press the pressure points to lower down their blood pressure in a few minutes.

For our readers today, we have gathered a few pressure points to lower blood pressure and providing relief from headache, anxiety, and fatigue.

LV 3

LV 3

Liver 3 or LV 3 is the pressure point that is located between the big and the second toe of the foot which is beneficial for treating hypertension.

Simply apply some pressure on this point for 1 minute and it will provide relief from several body problems like the following.

  • High blood pressure
  • Menstrual pains
  • Anxiety

In addition to the LV3, feet also have many other pressure points that aid in the treatment of many bodily problems.

Ll 4

Large Intestine 4 or LI 4 is the pressure point that is located on the human hand as shown in the picture above. Simply applying little pressure over it with the thumb for a few minutes can treat hypertension. Instead of putting pressure over this point, a person can also do pulsating movements over it.

Stimulation of this point causes the person to be treated from chronic pain as well as giving a  boost to their immune system but mainly it relieves high blood pressure.

PC 6

PC 6

Pericardium 6 aka Inner Gate or more commonly named as PC 6 is the pressure point located on the inner side of the forearm. The point can be located by simply going 3 fingers width up towards the wrist while straying in the middle.

Applying pressure on this point provides relief from high blood pressure as well as is beneficial for overall heart health. It provides regulation to the body’s circulatory system. In addition to high blood pressure, this point also provides relief from the following conditions.

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Motion sickness

GB 20

Gallbladder 20 aka the Wind Pool or simply known as the GB 20 is the pressure point that is located on the neck over both sides of the vertebrae located right under the base of a human skull.

In order to activate these points, a person needs to put a medium amount of pressure over each point for at least 1 minute. While applying the pressure it is strongly recommended to keep the hands completely steady and refrain from doing other types of motion. It is best to apply the pressure over these points with the thumbs of both hands at the same time.

In addition to lowering down high blood pressure, this treatment also provides relief from the following conditions.

  • Tension in neck
  • High fever
  • Eye problems

GV 20

GV 20

Governing Vessel 20 aka the Hundred Convergences or simply known as the GV 20 is the pressure point that is located on top of the human head. This point can be located rather easily. Simply imagine as if a line is passing through the middle of the head with ears as the starting and finishing points.

A person can either apply pressure or massage this point gently to help lower the blood pressure. In addition to this, it also treats dizziness that causes a person to feel relaxed than they usually are.

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