Problems That People Suffer If They Sleep More Than 8 Hours

A night of good sleep is almost indispensable for having better health in addition to a healthy lifestyle. However, did you know that if slept for more than 8 hours, it is actually detrimental for the health in the long term? Experts recommend that an ideal sleeping period should not be longer than 8 hours. Similarly less than 7 to 8 hours of sleep also leads to serious health disorders.

Today we have compiled a list of the health problems that people suffer if they sleep more than 8 hours.

Weight Gain

Many studies have been conducted on sleep time and its effects on human health.  Any of these studies were conducted on the relationship between sleep and weight. The results show that both lack of sleep and too much sleep are associated with people developing diabetes and obesity. This is because a person sleeping more moves less and in turn, they gain excess weight. When a person wakes up too late, they have less time to complete their daily activities and thus have less time for physical activity.

Depressive disorders

Most people who suffer from multiple depressive disorders are also suffering from sleeping disorders. In most of the cases, depressive disorders are related to sleeping disorders of sleeping more than they normally should. Sleeping for a long period of time can cause fatigue as well as despair.

When a person sleeps more, they do not want to leave the bed and this leads to not being excited by all the opportunities of life. These symptoms gradually accumulate and turn into depression.

Heart disease

Sleeping more than usual not only leads to losing precious time but also developing a risk of heart diseases. In the world of today, heart diseases are a common occurrence of death. According to studies, the chance of a person dying due to heart diseases increases by at least 34 percent, if they sleep more than 8 hours a day.


While the lack of sleep can cause headaches, sleeping more than the normal time can also leave you with a severe headache. On weekend or holidays, we tend to sleep more than we normally do which is a bad habit. If a person does this, they experience a severe headache when they wake up.

This is caused because the long sleeping hours lead to negatively affect the neurotransmitters of the brain which drops our serotonin levels.

Memory issues

Another study confirmed that excessive sleeping patterns can lead to decreased brain activity. For people who suffer from waking up in the middle of the night, they do not get proper sleep.

These irregular sleeping patterns can thus lead to the cognitive functions of the brain like Memory and Focus to deteriorate with the passage of time.


One of the causes of the sleeping disorder insomnia has also been linked with physical activities and sleeping patterns. Consider this, for example, if you work late at night and deiced to sleep more the next day, it can gradually lead to you suffering from insomnia.

2 days worth of bad sleeping habits and activities can lead to body and brain being confused and in turn, lead to various health disorders.

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