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Hyperhydration or more commonly known as Excessive Sweating is the cause for making s feel ashamed in public gatherings. Many food items like tomatoes, coffee, and cabbages increase the production of sweat in the human body as well as make the smell of the sweat more pungent and sharper. While these products can increase the production of sweat, there are also some natural products to minimize this bodily function.

Today we have found a few of the natural products that one can incorporate in their diet for getting rid of that offensive body odor to feel more confident than ever.

Coconut oil

One of the best natal products that can give your body that nice aroma is Coconut Oil. It contains anti-microbial properties that restrain the growth of the bacteria as for the Lauric Acid in it, it helps destroy that pungent smell of the sweat. A note, it will not dissipate the sweat altogether.

To use it, it is recommended to apply the oil in the armpit area 2 times a day after taking shower. From there, the oil will affect the whole body positively and it is also helpful for improving breathing if consumed with food.

Lemon and other Citrus fruits

Lemon contains the antiseptic properties that kill the armpit sweat odor. In addition to this, lemon juice like coconut oil, if consumed with food helps control and improve the breathing and control the bad breath that is caused by bacteria growth in the mouth.

These issues can be controlled by drinking a glass of lemon water diluted with water. As for sweat odor, slice a lemon in half and place each half under feet or armpit. Let them dry and afterward, take a shower.

Fenugreek Seeds

The seed of the Fenugreek plant work as anti-oxidant. They not only help eliminate the toxins from the body but also stop the infections that can later cause bad smells.

To use it for maximum results, add 1 tsp of these seeds in a kettle of water and let it brew thoroughly. Drink the brewed tea after 6 to 8 hours.

Neem Leaves

Azadirachta or more commonly known as the Neem has been a useful medicinal herb since ancient times as it has been used in Ayurvedic treatments.  The leaves of Neem contain antifungal, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. All of these properties help the Neem leaves to cause complete removal of toxins and bacteria that result in bad sweat odor. Neem leaves also help in decreasing the amount of sweat produced by the body.

You can use them like Fenugreek seeds or in powdered form. To use in the powder form, ground the Neem leaves in powder form and then add water to make a paste. Apply this paste under armpits and let it sit for a few minutes.  Rinse it off by taking a hot shower.


Sage is enriched with the following flavonoids.

  • Apigenin
  •  Diosmetin
  • Luteolin

It also has other compositions like vitamins and phytoncides. Due to all these concretions of nutrients, Sage has healing properties like the following.

  • Hemostatic
  • Expectorant
  •  Diuretic
  •  Choleretic
  •  anti-inflammatory
  •  astringent
  • Antibacterial

The leaves and flowers of this plant are greatly beneficial to stop the excessive sweat production. It can be added into a warm water bath or simply crushed it to apply over the body. As a precautionary note, avoid applying huge amounts of the Sage because it contains a high concentration of active substances that can have side effects.

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