Quick Ways For Stopping The Back Pain

Nearly 80 percent of the world’s adult population suffers from the problem of back pain at one point in their life. This back pain has been recognized to be the most common cause of the work missed by many around the world. While medication can be helpful in treating back pain, there are also many other tips that can help manage the back pain.

We care about the health of our readers and that is why we present some quick ways for stopping the back pain.

Do Cat stretching on a chair

Do Cat stretching on a chair

Cat Stretch is a stretching technique that helps to lengthen the back and also to ease up the tension in the back muscles. The technique’s effects can be increased by performing it over a chair.

  • Simply place a soft pillow over a chair and sit on your knees with the stomach on the pillow. Now relax and allow the spin to be in round form. The head should be down.
  • Stay in this pose until the pain is felt in the back.

Hot stones to heal and relax

You don’t need to pay the money to get a hot stone treatment at a spa where it costs a lot of money; instead, you can do it right in your home. It is best to get the help of another person to place the stones on the right acupressure points.

How to do the treatment:

  • Heat the stones 30 minutes prior to the treatment and the temperature should be at about 54 degrees Celsius.
  • Apply a little massage oil over these stones.
  • Ask the person placing them to move them a little over the surface of back before placing them on a certain point.
  • After the stones are placed, simply relax as it normally takes 4 minutes for the heat of stones to penetrate the skin and then the muscles.

Capsicum plaster

Capsicum plaster

Capsicum Plasters were used a while ago to produce heat or certain body areas. Now they are back in trend once more and are effective in treating back pain. It is recommended to not apply them over the damaged skin area. The can be used to treat back pains, swelled up nerves and the stiffed muscles in the back.

How to use:

Remove the liner to apply the Capsicum Plaster over the back

Apply the patch over the back and press it hard to have it stuck firmly

Let it sit until it dries off

Remove the patch after it dries up use 2 patches a day for effective results

Use acupressure

Acupressure points have been known for not causing any side effects like the medication and one can use this technique in their daily life. Some acupressure points for treating eh back pains are located in the following areas.

  • Lower back
  • Backside of knees
  • Feet
  • Hips
  • Stomach

Press any of these or all of these points with your thumbs and hold the pressure for few minutes

Release the pressure slowly

Floatation therapy

Floatation therapy

Flotation Therapy is a very powerful procedure for treating back pains. It makes use of a bath that is a mix of water, magnesium, and temperature inside a tank. It is effective in treating back pains caused by stress or other chronic conditions.

How the procedure works:

  • The person enters in the tank in their bathing suit where he does not have the slightest contact with outside stimulants such as sound, gravity or sight. The lid of the tank is closed shut.
  • Then the person starts to float in this water bath weightlessly and their brain starts to drift in a deeply relaxed state of mind.

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