Reasons For Ditching Flip-Flops for the Sake of Better Health

With summer season soon to be in full heat, people are going to start wearing flip-flops to let the air pass through their feet. However, this is actually not that much of a great idea. According to the research of the American Podiatric Medical Association, wearing flip flops can result in bacterial infections, calluses as well as bunions of the feet.

We care about the health of our readers and that is why we bring to you a few reasons for ditching flip flops for the sake of better health.

Risk of bacteria and fungi

Wearing flip flops and to walk around is sort of an invitation to the bacteria like staphylococcus as well as some fungal infections. They can cause the feet to have warts as well as the serious feet condition “Athlete’s Foot”. The condition is not only annoying but also highly contagious.

Slow pace

A study has been conducted on the human gait while wearing sneakers and the flip flops. The study was conducted on 56 people and it revealed that footwears are significantly linked to the way us humans walk. When compared to sneakers, flip-flops result in short steps as well as shorter support time.

Increased chance of falling over

This point is also linked to our previous point. While wearing flip flops, a person must be careful that the flip flops have ample contact to the ground. When wearing flip flops, human knees and ankles flex more than usual that can cause distorted walk.  This distorted walk can often lead to falling over or tripping.

Heel damage

The sole of the flip flops are thin and this means that on every step, the hell of the foot is stressed.  This excessive stress can lead to severe pain especially when you wear flip flops for a long time.


Flip flops only have side straps as the attachment for the foot with footbed. These side straps also remain with contact to the skin for the whole time and rub when a person walks. This can lead to skin irritation and that in turn can cause blisters. These blisters can often turn into open wounds, thus leading eh foot to be exposed to many bacteria and infections.

Permanent toe damage

When a person wears a flip flop, the foot naturally assumes the pincer position. This is done so that the foot does not lose its grip on the flip flop. When done for an extended period of times, it can cause the knuckles of the toes to be bent and result in a condition known as Hammer Toe.

Aggravation of calluses

The pincer grip can also lead to a person developing calluses on their feet. The calluses from wearing flip flops and its resultant pincer position are normally caused on the underside of the big and second toe. This is the place where the side straps of the flip-flop rest.

Impaired posture

Any footwear without a heel can prevent the person from having correct support to their foot. This can lead to poor distribution of the body weight as well as poor blood circulation. This also leads to an impaired posture, especially if the flip flops are worn for long periods of time.

Risk of having of tendonitis and bunions

The improper posture can lead to the joint of the legs to have a greater load on them. The body tries to compensate for this improper posture by exposing the feet to other serious conditions. These conditions can be bunions or tendonitis.

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