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Reasons That One Needs To Eat Peanut Butter Daily

You might have all heard about the benefit of eating the Peanut Butter but did you know that it is a whole treasure trove of health benefits. It can help you in lowering the risk of developing breast cancer, reduction of weight loss, helping with insomnia and much more. Well, the Peanut Butter is really a marvel made by an ingenious culinary mind and we cannot help get enough of it. It is filled with amazing nutrients like vitamins, healthy fats, elements and minerals that are all needed by the human body. All a person needs to do is to eat the Peanut Butter daily in moderate amounts.

Today we have gathered a list of reasons that one needs to eat Peanut Butter daily.

Helps to lower the risk of developing breast cancer

Peanuts are enriched with all kinds of natural fats and natural proteins that are helpful in lowering the risk of breast-related diseases such as Breast Cancer.  This has now been proven by a study conducted at the Breast cancer Research Foundation as well as by the US National Institute of Health.  Eating the Peanut Butter on a daily basis in a controlled amount has numerous positive effects on the human body and especially a female’s breasts. So if a female is not allergic to peanuts then they can surely add it to their daily diet plan.

Aids in weight loss

When one talks about weight loss and says that Peanut Butter is helpful I that regard one cannot help but feel the irony in that statement. Because Peanut Butter has butter and fats but what you might not know is that these are all the healthy fats that the body is in need of especially during a weight loss regime. Peanut butter is also packed with fiber, proteins and other such nutritious things that a person on weight loss program needs to have during their weight loss.

Peanut Butter is known for not changing a person’s blood sugar level and also gives the body all the healthy elements.  Eating 2 tbsp of Peanut Butter 2 times each week can give the body the much-needed boost for aiding the weight loss.

Lowers down stress levels

Peanut butter is a nut and many nuts contain a substance called Sterole which has is digested by the body and becomes Beta-Sitosterol. This substance aids the human hormonal system by adjusting the level of cortisol hormone aka the stress hormone.  This makes it a natural stress reliever. Peanut Butter also contains minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium along with Vitamin C, healthy fats and antioxidants that aid in making up for the lack of all these elements ad nutrients in the body. Combing the Peanut Butter with one’s favorite snack will impact the bad mood in a positive way.

Promotes healthy brain function and improves memory

Brain activity is supported by eating Peanut Butter because of it containing zinc, niacin, magnesium and Vitamin E. Vitamin E is a necessary nutrient or the mind to have improved memory; especially in older people. A study also found that the risk of developing Alzheimer’s is also lowered by eating Peanut Butter daily. So, if you have grandparents around the house or if they visit you often, then try to give them Peanut Butter with snacks.

Helps muscle recovery after an intense workout

Among the fitness enthusiasts, Peanut Butter is now renowned to be a great pre-workout and post-workout dietary item. The reason is simple; it is enriched with carbs and fats that will fill the human body with enough energy levels to last a whole session. Being enriched with potassium also plays a key role in the recovery of muscles.

If you do exercise in a gym with weights and stuff on a daily basis, then you might know something about sore muscles and muscle cramps. Well, for that, there is nothing natural than eating a spoon of Peanut Butter right after the intense workout session. It will also be a little guilty pleasure that you are eating something sweet and fatty after a workout.

Keep blood pressure under control

Did you know that potassium has one very amazing property and that is to lower the blood pressure? When this effect of potassium is coupled with magnesium, then the overall effect on blood pressure is increased and magnesium also happens to be in Peanut Butter in ample amounts.

Still, if you suffer from high or low blood pressure, you need to use only the unsalted version of the Peanut Butter.

Lowers the risk of having Diabetes

Another unusual benefit of eating Peanut Butter on a daily basis is that it helps to lower the risk of developing diabetes. No matter who it sounds, it is true because of the Peanut Butter containing lots of healthy fats which are unsaturated ones and are healthy for the human body. These unsaturated fats are able to stabilize the insulin and glucose levels of the human body.

A research conducted in that regard by Harvard University yielded great results. Females who eat Peanut Butter on a daily basis had about 21 percent reduced risk of developing diabetes while compared to those who have never eaten it.

Improves sleep quality


Peanut Butter contains an amino acid which is called Tryptophan which aids the sleep hormone by giving it a boost to work well.  In addition to this, the tryptophan hormone also gives a boost to happiness hormones like Melatonin and Serotonin. By providing the boost to the production of these hormones, Peanut Butter helps calm a person’s mind and slows down their bodily processes to promote quality sleep.

There is simply no need to eat Peanut Butter in lots of amounts to achieve a quality sleep; only a few tablespoons can do the trick just fine.

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