Pressure Points That Boost Metabolism and Speedup Weight Loss

Acupressure is the ancient Chinese medical practice that involves massaging certain spots on the body along with the flow of energy. When the massager presses these certain energy meridian points, this results in the flow of energy to be even and can cause the body to work properly once more.

Today for our readers, we have discovered a few such meridian energy points that are able to restore the energy in the organ that affect the weight loss. So without any further ado, we present to you pressure points that boost metabolism and speed up weight loss.

Top of the Trapezius muscle

This point is present on the back of the human body at the point where the neck meets the shoulder. To be more precise it is the back of the point where your nipple is situated. Applying pressure over it for 1 minute can speed up weight loss.

Nose Bridge

Nose Bridge

As can be seen above in the picture, this pressure is located on the spot in between your eyes and the nose bridge. Gently stroke on the area which leads from your eye to the nose bridge.

The dip between the eyebrows

By instinct, the majority of us apply pressure in between our eyes whenever we feel tired which proves that acupressure is a natural thing that works. This point is located right above the nose bridge and in between the eyes. Press it gently for 1 minute to boost your metabolism.



This point is located on the breastbone of the human body which is the area above the Celiac Plexus. Applying pressure on this point is helpful in boosting one’s metabolism as well as speeding up weight loss.


This pressure point is located in between your temple and the ear and you have to apply pressure on it mildly for 1 minute.



The abdomen is a part of the body that has numerous pressure points. Activating them can help restore the rapid flow of energy which in turn makes the weight loss smoother. One of the most peculiar pressure points out of these many is the one that is situated below the belly button at the exact length of two fingers. Massage this pressure point for 1 minute daily.

Abdominal sorrow

These are actually two pressure points which are located right under a person’s chest and is the area from where the stomach starts. Massaging this point in upward motion helps to speed up weight loss.



Gently massage this point which is located on the inner side of the elbow.


As can be seen above, this pressure point in the knee is also great for boosting metabolism.



There are two pressure points in the ankle for boosting metabolism which is located both on the inner and outer side.

Upper lip

This is the point located right in the middle of the upper lip and is located right above the lip. Apply pressure gently on it for 1 minute.



After the main body parts are done, the next comes the pressure points on hands. As for this particular pressure point, it is located on the outside of the hand in between the index finger and thumb.


As shown in the picture above, feet have also many pressure points and massaging them can not only boost one’s metabolism but also aid in weight loss.

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