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Replace Guilty Pleasure Foods With These Healthy Products

Nowadays it is really hard dot follow a healthy plan for diet because of how much junk food there is that looks so much more appetizing. Unhealthy foods seem to surround us wherever we are in the world and it is impossible to resist that temptation. While most of them are bad for the human body, this still does not mean that one cannot enjoy eating these flavors in a different manner.

Today we have compiled a list of many harmful junk foods and you can easily replace these guilty pleasure foods with these healthy foods.

Switch pasta with the noodles of sweet potato


For those who love pasta but also wish to be in fit condition, you need to consider buying the spiralizer.  The spiralizer is a kitchen tool that lets people add more vegetables to their meals.  It works best for the vegetables that are of cylindrical shapes such as cucumbers, potatoes, and carrots. Spiralizer make their noodles and they can be used instead of those heavy wheat noodles.

One best alternative to replace the noodles of pasta is to make the noodles from sweet potatoes. Use these noodles with the artichokes and the chicken for a low-calorie dish.

Replacing the ordinary pizza dough with a healthy cauliflower crust

When it comes to junk foods, there is nothing that can beat the Pizza. But still, there are many healthy recipes for making pizza a much healthier food choice. One away to make this yummy junk food a little bit less harmful for your body, try making the crust of pizza with Cauliflower for easing up on those extra carbs.

One great effect of eating the cauliflower crust is that it is also gluten-free which is a healthy alternative for those with gluten allergies.

Replacing the mashed potatoes with the mashed cauliflower

Who does not love mashed potatoes? They are the staple of every family dinner and are usually coked by mixing lots of mashed potatoes in milk and butter. But this mashed potato is actually a ticking time bomb for the arteries. For those of you who are wishing to make this a lighter calorie dish but still enjoy it, we recommend alternating the potatoes with the mashed cauliflower.

If you are looking to get a mashed cauliflower dish that is creamy then we recommend using the pre-packed and riced version of this vegetable. It will also cook faster because the puree will be made easily without any prep-work needed

Replacing butter, oil, and mayonnaise, and with the Greek yogurt

Many food recipes that are mainly junk food include fattening ingredients like butter, oils, and mayonnaise. While they make the food taste great, they are not great for the heart. Frequent consumption of these fattening materials can lead to heart-related disorders.

In order to replace butter and mayonnaise, you can try using Greek yogurt. It can be substituted easily in numerous dishes and is a great alternative for oil, mayonnaise, and butter. Plus, being enriched with probiotics, it keeps the gut healthy and functioning at optimum capacity.

Replacing French fries with fries of sweet potatoes


One of the most desirable junk foods of all time is undoubtedly French Fries and no one on the planet seems to miss the temptation of eating them. While they are highly unhealthy, you can make your own French fries with healthier ingredients right at your home. The unhealthy part about the French fires is not the potato but the way they are cooked in a deep fryer and huge amount of oil. You can make yours at home by baking them in oven doused in the coconut oil.

As for the crispy fries, you can alternate the potato fries with the sweet potato fries. Sweet potatoes are packed with vitamins like A, B Group and other healthy nutrients such as Riboflavin and Niacin.

Replacing potato chips with healthy kale chips


Potato chips that you buy at the supermarket are not at all great for the human digestive system but still, we snag them as a guilt snack. If you do not want to feel guilty about the fact of eating these greasy chips, try making the Kale chips which are much healthier. They also taste pretty good for being made of a vegetable like kale.

Kale is enriched with vitamin B and antioxidants which allow for the immune system to be improved.

Replacing ice cream with a homemade fruit ice pop

There comes a time when not treating yourself can become hard and most often we tend to revert to sweet foods. The best sweet food of all is ice cream another food the temptation of which no one can bear. But there are healthy alternatives to ice cream as well by making them at home.

One of these healthier ice cream alternatives is to make fruit ice pops. You can make them from syrups of different fruits and to add the creamy taste, add in a little yogurt as well.

Replacing soda with a fermented tea called Kombucha

For those who are soda lovers, it is really hard to let go of the soda drinking habit. But there is a drink out there that can make this change a little bit easier. This drink is called Kombucha. Kombucha has recently gained popularity as an alternative to sweet and carbonated sodas.

This is a fermented and bubbly tea that tastes as much gratifying as a real soda. Plus, it has amazing detoxifying effects on the body’s organs. If you are worried about the taste, it has a little bit of organic sugar mixed into it.

Replacing cake with organic carrot cake


Most cakes available in supermarkets and bakeries are the sweet and cream-filled ones which are super filled with calories and carbs. But you might not know that there are healthy cake alternatives like the carrot cake. The recipe for it does not coati any sugar, white flour or butter and is also sweetened naturally.

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