Side Effects Of Antibiotics That Doctors Do Not Mention

One of the most widely experienced side effects of taking antibiotics to happen to be diarrhea and nausea. Nearly every person who has taken antibiotics during their sickness experience these side effects but doctors also found that nearly 20 percent of the patient who took antibiotics also suffered many other side effects as well.

Today we want to tell our readers about these additional side effects of antibiotics that doctors do not mention.

Fungal infection

Fungal infection

Antibiotics are also responsible for changing the bacterial habitat that is in our bodies which makes the body prone to fungal infections. These fungal infections often occur in fo0llwoing body parts. S

  • In mouth
  • On skin
  • Under the nails

If a person has been prescribed a long term antibiotics course, they should also take the medication for antifungal.

Teeth coloring

Tetracycline is the antibiotics drug that can cause the teeth of pt to 8 years of age children to have teeth coloring. If a woman takes this drug during her pregnancy period, there is a risk that the child will have certain problems related to the tooth enamel.

According to doctors the best way to avoid teeth coloring is to change the antibiotic with another antibiotic named doxycycline. It is still advised to take this antibiotic if only the doctor prescribes it.



The body can get fever due to many different causes but not from taking the antibiotics. Still, if a person notices that they have gotten a fever right after they took the antibiotics, they might suffer from an allergic reaction to the said drug that results in fever.

While an antibiotic-induced fever can be caused by any antibiotic, it is normally caused by the following ones.

  • β-lactam antibiotics
  • cephalexin
  • minocycline
  • sulfonamide

Most of the time the antibiotics induced fever tends to go away on its own.

Allergic reaction

One of the most adverse effects of taking antibiotics is having an allergic reaction. In case of antibiotics induced allergic reaction, it can result in the following symptoms.

  • Rash with the strong itch
  • Swollen eyelids
  • Lips
  • Tongue
  • A swollen throat that can cause anaphylaxis

In such cases, the best course of treatment is the patient being administered with an adrenaline shot.

Sun sensitivity

Sun sensitivity

Some of the following few antibiotics can cause harm to the skin depending on the fact as to how much your skin is sensitive against the Ultraviolet Rays of the sun.

  • Tetracycline
  • Fluoroquinolone
  • Sulfone

If a person gets exposed to these rays for a long time while being on these antibiotics, they have an increased risk of getting a sunburn. These very same autistics in some cases can cause a person to develop a rash if they spend only 15 minutes.

Heart problems

While it is not a side effect that occurs most of the time, it still happens. The most common side effect of antibiotics to the heart is the arrhythmia or low blood pressure.

These side effects are mostly caused when a person is on following antibiotics course.

  • Erythromycin
  • Fluoroquinolones

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