Signs Of Drinking Coffee Too Much

About 50 percent of the world population drinks coffee on a regular basis to start their day. An average person drinks normally 3 cups of coffee each day which proves that the world is running on this magical drink and seems like drinking coffee has become a culture. While there are some positive aspects of drinking coffee, there are also some negative effects as well.

Today we want to tell our readers about some alarming signs of drinking coffee too much.

Stomach Disorders

Coffee is known to have the laxative effect during which it releases the hormone that causes the stomach to speed up the activity in the region of the colon. Drinking coffee too much might result in the stool to be loose in the consistency and even causing diarrhea. Coffee also tends to promote gastroesophageal reflux. So if a person experiences a problem in their stomach, they should consider reducing their coffee consumption.

Feeling tired next day

There is no doubt about the fact that coffee has a stimulating effect on the nervous system due to the caffeine in it. It helps to improve the physical activity by almost 11 to 12 percent but it also comes with its bad effects. Coffee has a chemical compound called Adenosine which first increases in the body but then drops down significantly. Studies have confirmed that drinking coffee too much might result in quick stimulating effects but the effects of fatigue and sleep also attack with much speed. Fatigue occurs immediately having the alertness.

Anxiety problems

As we said earlier, there is no denying the fact that coffee increases the alertness in a person by blocking down the compound called Adenosine which makes the person feel tired. But if a person drinks coffee in big doses each day, it causes the problem of nervousness and anxiety. Coffee is also known to be a trigger for the release of adrenaline which affects the behavior of the people. If a daily coffee drinker experiences nervousness on a daily basis, then it is the best idea to cut back on their coffee consumption.

Experiencing Insomnia

Caffeine helps a person stay awake for a long time but it can also affect your sleeping habits. Researchers have done various studies which reveal that the intake of coffee causes the increase in time an average person needs to fall asleep. Dirking too much coffee causes the person to sleep less and be tired more in the day.

Extreme fatigue and rapid heart rate

The problem of rapid heart rate does not appear in every person but it is still a very common health condition. In young people with rapid heart rate, it has been confirmed that it is due to the increased amount of coffee consumption as the caffeine increases the pulse rate. This is why doctors advise people with heart and blood pressure conditions to abstain from dirking coffee.

Sped up Metabolism

Caffeine is known as the fat-burning supplement and it has been confirmed with many studies that it speeds up the metabolism rate by almost 3 to 11 percent. This does not mean that you should start drinking coffee willy-nilly for the sake of losing a few pounds. As some people have caffeine intolerance and the negative effects of it are far worse than the advantages. The ultimate problem with drinking coffee too much is that it makes you addicted. And once that happens, a person drinks coffee more than he does drink the water.

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