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Signs That Scream For You To Limit Your Milk Consumption

From suffering the unknown fatigue to sudden bone fractures, these can all be due to overconsumption of milk as well as many other health problems. Well, we do bet you might ever have thought of milk to be the cause for all these health problems but it is.

This is why, today we have listed down all the symptoms for our readers today that might explain the sudden emergence of health problems that you cannot explain, they might all be due to overconsumption of milk or other dairy items.

Feeling of tiredness most of the times

Feeling of tiredness most of the times

Milk has in it’s the opiate molecules which tend to make a person more drowsy and prone to sleeping quickly. Still, this does not mean that drinking milk will give you sleep of good quality because it is quite opposite to it.  Milk is hard to digest especially during the night time. Milk tires the body as it demands too much energy from the body for its breakage which can then disrupt the sleeping cycle.

In contrast to drinking milk for sleeping, one should eat vegetables and fruits like broccoli, apples, sweet potatoes or bananas that are enriched with Tryptophan.

Suffering acne outbreak

If you suddenly start experiencing an acne outbreak out of nowhere and cannot seem to know the cause of it, then consider checking your dairy intake, especially of milk.  Several studies have indicated that milk tends to increase the severity of acne outbreaks amongst teens and other young adults. As per the research, other dairy items can also be the cause of an acne breakout. One of the main contributors to the bad skin conditions emerging suddenly might be that hormones like the IGF-1 and Insulin might get affected by the consumption of low-fat milk.

Digestive system not working properly

Digestive system not working properly

As per a medical study, nearly 60 to 70 percent of the total global population suffers from the inability to digest milk or also known as Lactose intolerance. Human milk might have a high amount of lactose in comparison to cow milk, the co milk still is really hard to digest. If a person drinks milk regularly and suffers from the following symptoms, then it is time to limit their milk consumption.

  • Bloating
  • Nausea
  • Gas
  • Diarrhea

Sudden joint aches

The milk has acidic nature which makes it a substance that can lead to inflammations which usually occurs in the muscles and joints. For those of you who perform the daily exercise or intense weight training and suffer from sore muscles for a long period of time then this might be an indicator that milk is causing it. The best course of action is to not stop dirking milk but to lower its consumption by a margin.

Suffering from brain fog

Brain Fog is not really a medical disorder or a disease instead it is a medical symptom. It refers to problems of memory, inability to have a focus on one thing as well as having mental vagueness. While there might be many other causes for this brain fog, dairy consumption can also be one of the causes of the brain fog. The reason is that milk contains a high rate of casein which results in a false feeling of satisfaction especially when a person drinks it during stress. A study suggests that limiting your milk consumption if a person suffers from depression, can help fight anxiety and stress.

Skin conditions like allergies

Milk allergy has early symptoms like diarrhea, colic, and constipation, all of which can be misdiagnosed to be caused by lactose intolerance. While the possibility of milk allergy exists as low as 5 percent among babies, it is not uncommon for some to develop it in later years of life even during the adulthood. Eczema might also get flared up by excessive consumption of dairy items. If a person suffers from a milk allergy or other skin conditions, then they should try stopping their milk intake and notice their condition as if it improves or not.

Suffering high levels of cholesterol

The cholesterol that is in a person’s bloodstream comes directly from the food they consume. 100 grams of cow milk contains in it 10 grams of cholesterol. As per USDA this amount of cholesterol in this amount of milk is really dangerous to ingest on a regular basis.

Women might experience bone fractures

There is no denying the fact that calcium is the sot important and crucial substance that the body needs for development as well as the strengthening of bone, especially during the childhood period of life. Still, all the dairy items including milk are acidic in natures which are like a bane to the calcium getting ingested by the human body. As per one study, women who used to drink 3 glasses or more of milk in one day were prone to having bone fractures than those who drank one glass each day.

Resistance to medicines and not recovering timely

All the above-stated signs do not mean that the milk is the sole culprit here instead it is the antibiotics that are administered to the cows that are affecting our health in an indirect manner. While the antibiotics administered to cows are essential for their health, they still result in the creation of bacteria that are getting more and more resilient to these very same antibiotics. Probiotics might be healthy for our body; these medicine resilient bacteria are the exact opposite of the probiotics.

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