Signs That Scream For You To Pay Attention To Your Lungs

It is a sad and unfortunate fact that fresh air is something that not many of us can enjoy and especially the ones who live in big cities. The air pollution has risen to a great extent in this past one decade than it was ever in the history of mankind. This means that our lungs are now more susceptible to harmful pollutants which can result in dangerous health disorders. The human body tends to send us a signal whenever our lungs do not feel okay. However, the sad reality is that these signs are too minute and most of the times we even dismiss them without paying any caution. Still, if a person tends to pay attention to these signs from the lungs, then it can result in their life being saved.

Today we have compiled a list of few signs and symptoms that can indicate that your lungs need a breath of fresh air. We will also tell you some tips to avoid getting your lungs damaged.

Pain in shoulders and Back

This is a rare symptom that hardly ever occurs but the pain in the chest, shoulders and the back region can be due to lung disorder and a serious one at that like lung cancer. Pain in the aforementioned regions can be the initial symptom of lung cancer and if a person gets themselves checked for it in the early stages, it can be treated.

Keep a look at things like intense pain and each period of pain lasting longer than the last one then you should definitely visit the doctor.


A cough can be an indicator for something really simple like the common cold but it can also be the harbinger of bad news for chronic diseases.  This is why it is very important for a person to distinguish between different kinds of coughs.

Acute and subacute types of cough are the signs of brooding lung cancer. This chance of having lung cancer is increased if the cough is accompanied by bloody mucus or simply blood coming upon coughing.

Breath Shortness

Shortness of the breath is also caused due to two reasons; lung or heart-related disorders such as asthma and allergies. If a person experiences this, then it is best for them to change their environment. So contact a doctor if you start experiencing shortness of breath.

Jaundice (yellow skin and eyes)

This is also a dismissible condition but it is also a crucial one because often liver disorders are used by lung cancer. Jaundice tends to turn the color of skin and eyes to pale yellow and in extreme cases dark yellow.

Lack of energy

Everybody feels tired from time to time which is a normal thing. Sleep deprivation can be one cause of this tiredness. However, if a person feels tired abnormally or their cough does not go away, then this might be due to an underlying condition.

Tips to have optimum lung health

There is no quick fix for lung-related disorders and it takes time. The main thing to do is to change your bad habits.

Quit smoking and adjust your diet can be a real help in treating a lung condition. If a person suffers from a chronic condition then they can try eating anti-oxidant rich foods in their diet.

Start doing exercise and do not wait for the right time. Take the initiative for it as soon as possible to make your lungs active than usual.

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