Habits are things that keep everything in our life in order to help us get through our day. They are normal unless they are being done by us out of fear. If we talk about ‘High Functioning Anxiety’ it is hard to pinpoint all of its symptoms at first and this is what makes it all the more dangerous.

Today for pour readers we have made a list of some common habits that can be due to anxiety. Take a pause in your life and take a look at your daily actions to figure out if these symptoms are being done by you out of your own free will or a phobia.

You eat the same breakfast every morning


While it is great to start a day by eating cornflake and a granola bar in the breakfast but if you do not change the meal and kept on eating it each day because the whole idea makes you nervous; then the food will become torture instead of a pleasure.

If you have this problem then you can adjust this behavior by adding new ingredients to your meal step by step. E.g. add some fruits or chocolate sprinkles to your granola and toast.

You bite your nails.

Anxiety leads to a feeling of intense tension that a person needs to release as soon as possible. This tension can often lead to many other stress behaviors. Few of the common signs of anxiety and its underlying tension are as follows.

  • Nail biting
  • Lip biting
  • Twirling hairs

A person is doing these things to remove tension commanded from their subconsciousness.

You have a comforting ritual.

comforting ritual

Any special kind of routine is good for mind and body but if you feel that you have to do this routine or ritual on daily basis perfectly under any kind of circumstance, then it is harmful to your mental health. If you suffer from a Panic Attack after you deviate from your routine; then it is a huge sign of High Functioning Anxiety.

You can help treat this problem by slowly changing your rituals on purpose. Always start with small things like leaving your bed messy for one day.

You make to-do lists

Lists are handy in life but if you just keep on making to-do lists and as a mean of crossing things just to add some more on to them, then this is another big sign of Anxiety.

You don’t notice time passing


If you spend too much time on doing things because of your fixation on actions like making sure bed is perfectly made, hairs are not out of place or stack the clothes in arranged colors; then all of these are signs of anxiety.

If something is out of order, you will spend even more time than it is required to fix that thing. Being too much focused on trivial things is a sign of high functioning anxiety.

You stay awake the whole night

You are in your warm and cozy bed with lights out at night but you are still wide awake, then it can be anxiety as well. Lots of actors influence sleep deprivation but without a diet, anxiety is on top of the causes.

People who worry more than usual have internal struggles all the time in their subconsciousness which keeps them irritated and that can worsen their anxiety issues.

You ask others for advice


All of us at some point turn to your friends and family for advice on certain things. It is alright until and if you do not ask people for advice on each and every little thing in your life. The constant need for help is another huge sign of high functioning anxiety.

It can also be due to low self-esteem or fear of making the decisions alone.  They too are signs of anxiety.

You sit close to the exits

Nervous people often tend to sit near the exits in public places because it helps them not feel overwhelmed. If you suffer from it, then be careful as it can be a sign of anxiety that can worsen into “Claustrophobia”.

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