Signs You’re Suffering From Acid Reflux and How to Fix It

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) or more commonly known as Acid Reflux is a medical condition which affects millions of people across the planet and some of them even don’t realize they have this disease.

Acid reflux can also be a leading cause of many other diseases. According to research studies, it can cause Asthma and it has been proven that most Asthma patients are also affected by GERD.

Today for our readers, we have gathered a bunch of signs that will help you diagnose acid reflux. Normally the following types of people are at risk of developing acid reflux disease.

  • People who have excessive eight
  •  smokers,
  • People on certain medications

During this condition, whatever a person eats, it comes back to the esophagus and causes unpleasant symptoms. The disease is a long term one too, so what out for these signs.

Acidic taste in the mouth

Acid reflux is mostly caused by a muscle or a sphincter located on top of the muscle. After this sphincter at top of the stomach becomes weak, the acid rises up the food pipe. The sour taste is due to acid and can remain for a few weeks which can be pretty unpleasant and affects your quality of life.



Regurgitation is a process in which the acid backs up into your throat or mouth. Some of the symptoms for this condition are as follows.

  • Bitter taste
  • Burp
  • Vomiting

It can happen at any time but it mostly happens during night time when a person is sleeping. Normally a person wakes up panicked in the middle of the night with a bitter liquid in the throat.


A huge amount of world population suffers from Heartburn but hardly anyone of them thinks they have an acid reflux problem. Heartburn is one of the most common symptoms of Acid Reflux. Common symptoms of heartburn are as follows.

  • Burning in the middle of the lower chest
  • Discomfort in the chest

The discomfort seems to increase in degree when a person suffering from it, either lies down on the back or bends over.



Dysphagia is a condition in which a person feels the sensation of food being stuck in their throat. This symptom usually occurs due to narrowing of a person’s esophagus. With Dysphagia a person cannot swallow food and it can lead to malnourishment that in turn leads to various other medical conditions.


Coughing is not one of the most average symptoms of acid reflux but in 25 to 40 percent cases, chronic cough has also been registered by doctors.

In addition to the above-stated symptoms, a person can also feel the following less common symptoms as well.

  • pain with swallowing
  •  increased salivation
  •  weight loss
  •  throat irritation
  •  bad breath
  •  dry mouth
  • chest pain

How you can avoid acid reflux

One of the most leading causes for the acid reflux is a person’s lifestyle. It is important to avoid the following tips to avoid being affected by Acid Reflux.

  • Eat small portions of food
  • Avoid alcohol, acid, spice and fatty foods
  • Lose weight if you have excess weight
  • Wear loose clothes instead of tight clothes
  • Avoid eating right before sleeping

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