Simple Rules That Every Women Age Of 25 Should Follow for Staying Young and Gorgeous


Before we start our article today, we want you to consider this scenario. You are gifted with a great suit that not only fits you perfectly but also makes you appear gorgeous. In order for it to last longer, you are not going to wait for the moment it gets its satins or other damages; you are going to start taking care of it the moment you got it. Same is the case for the human skin; you need to start taking care of it right now to keep it fresher and tighter for the later years.

We want all the women on this God’s green earth to be beautiful for the rest of their lives. This sit he reason, we bring to you a set of simple rules that every woman age of 25 should follow for staying young and gorgeous.

Remain hydrated and moisturized from inside and outside

Moisturizing is one thing that everyone and especially every girl should make a habit to stay true to. One must keep their body moisturized from not only outside but also from the inside at all times. The first signs of the skin aging start to show themselves one the skin starts to lose its moisture. The process cannot be halted completely but it can still be slowed down by the following methods.

  • Use items that contain Hyaluronic Acid and other helpful moisturizing components.
  • Always keep a fair moist spray can inside your handbag.
  • Also, do not neglect to keep the water levels of your body balanced.

Avoid touching your skin unnecessarily

The human skin has to endure the forces of gravity, time, pollution and various other such negative factors. All of these are things that can hardly be controlled but what you can control is to not bring any additional damage to your skin. You ask how? Well, you touch your face too much to either admire yourself or just to check up on your skin. And this can be wrong for the skin if you had been doing activities such as using a smartphone, driving a car or anything else. This is how you bring the extra dirt and germs to your skin and especially your face.

You can avoid this by doing the following things.

  • Give up on the bait of touching your face quite often.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes even if you have clean hands because they can still harm the skin of the eyelids.
  • Instead of using satin or cotton pillowcases use the silk ones because they are much better for the facial skin.
  • After washing the face, do not rub the towel, instead pat the skin dry.
  • Keep your phone at a distance from the face.

Get protection against sun

No matter how much advice is there to stop going directly into the sun light, people are still going to bathe in sunlight on the beach to get their skin tanned. But ladies if you do that then you have to accept the risk of it as well like the destruction of the dermal layer that is located deep within the human skin.  The dermal layer is the one that provides support to your overall skin and as it wakens it causes the upper skin layer called epidermis to slip down. If you do want to get that tan then we recommend following the down below tips.

  • When a person’s shadow becomes shorter than their original height, it is the time to avoid the sunlight.
  • Use good cosmetics that can be used both before and after the sunbathing.
  • As for the regular Moisturization, increase the procedure by 2 times.
  • Also, try to retain your natural skin color with the use of beach tans or sunscreens.

Let go of the bad habits

Bad habits will be called bad due to their negative effects on the human body. Due to the human skin being sensitive out of all the body organs, it reacts to any malfunction of the body and can damage one’s beauty. Star giving up bad habits slowly and steadily instead of rushing into things. Even if you do that, you are going to revert back to these habits in a week’s time max.

Once a person gets used to a certain disciplining manner, they start to combat their bad habits strongly.

Do cleansing regularly

Due to the majority of people living in big cities, we can all forget about the joy of having pure air. This lack of pure air affects the skin most out of all the body causing it to be exposed to various contaminations, bacteria, and other microbes all day long. The best way to tackle this problem is to cleanse the skin thoroughly and regularly.

  • Always choose the cleansing cosmetics that do not have Alcohol in them.
  • Before doing a multistage or even a simple cleanse, you should always remove the makeup.
  • Visit a cosmetologist who can help you pick the best cleansing program which is suited for your skin to improve the efficiency of the overall skin care process.


Wrinkles start to appear on the face is a sign that the said person is undergoing a lot of emotions throughout their lives. A person’s character is easy to figure out at the age of 50 because their most frequent emotions tend to get stuck to their faces like an emotion mask.

  • In order to remove the facial expressions that do to describe your personality, you need to start doing the relaxation technique. This will help the person cope with their stress as well as relaxes their facial muscles.
  • The best way to keep your facial expressions to get hold of your face and misguide others about your personality is to Smile more often. The more a person smiles, the more of habit it becomes and will remain a great expression on your face and for your personality.

Do not take care of your face only

The one thing that ladies often do wrong is that they take care of their facial skin more than other body parts. The reason behind this is because they want to appear young but in that way, they ignore all the other markers of aging.

You need to take care of not only your face but also your hands, neck, and décolletage. You need to clean these parts, moisturize them and also protect them from all the negative factors that can cause rapid aging.

Preserve your hairs

Apart from skin, hairs on your head also play a great role in keeping a woman look young and vibrate. If you do not take care of your hair, it is going to result in conditions like split ends, premature graying of the hair, and even hair loss at a rapid pace. Ironically it is not the cosmetics that ruin one’s hair health; it is the lifestyle that acts upon the hair.

  • A young woman needs to add food groups such as dairy, vegetables and raw grains.
  • Reduce the amount of heat the hair gets which can be achieved by limiting the use of hairdryers, curling iron, and hair strengtheners.
  • Protecting the hair from the sun’s UV radiation by wearing weather-appropriate hats.

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