Simple Tricks to Cheat the Brain Be Awake

Sometimes you don’t seem to feel woken up even after you have drunk that strong cup of Joe. Sometimes you also feel to be dealing with fatigue even if you have drunk several cans of energy drinks. In order to stay awake when you need to be awake for doing the crucial work can be serious trouble for some. However, if you cannot keep yourself awake by ordinary means, then you can get a little bit more creative.

Today we decided to let our readers know about a few simple tricks to cheat the brain be awake.

Biting on a lemon

Biting on a lemon can be one of the simplest tricks to stay awake. The strong tingly and sour taste of the lemon will be like a slap to the face and is all you in cases of narcolepsy.

Splashing cold water on the face

Whenever a person feels like their eyelids are starting to grow heavy, then they should simply take some cold water to have a few handfuls of it and splash it on their face.

This great trick is able to not only keep you awake but also energized for a long time. An alternative to this trick is to have an ice pack in the fridge and whenever a person feels even a little bit sluggish during their work, they should place it over the back of their neck.

Pouring cold water on the wrists

This trick works similar to the previous one. Simply open a tap of cold water and place your dry writs under the falling water. Hands and wrists have more nerves than the whole body and they will keep sending signals to the brain to keep it awake.

Ear massage

The trick we present now is derived from the technique of ancient monks of the Buddhist religion. These monks would use this trick when they start to feel sleepy during their prayers or meditation.

This trick works by pinching the earlobes quite hard. This causes the pressure points on the earlobes to be pressed and that causes a person to wake up.

Yawning by force

Yawning is a natural process of the body to cool down the human brain. Whenever a person feels bored or tired, the temperature of their brain rises. This leads to the body having a yawn in order to counteract against those effects.

First, do like naturally 5 to 7 times and then force yourself nearly 7 to 10 repetitive yawns. This will cause the brain to be puzzled and be in awakened state instantly.

Chewing on something

One other trick to keep the brain awake is by chewing on something that acutely has a strong minty taste. The stronger the taste is, the better the results are for this trick.

For those who feel that they are about to sleep during their work, they should put some menthol gum in the mouth and start chewing on it. Alternatively, you can also order some food if it is lunchtime. This will work the same way too.

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