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Silver modified ART (SMART) is turning into the gold commonplace of caries administration. Riva Star is an adjunct to SDF therapy that permits dentists to heal caries in deciduous and everlasting tooth in a single go to with out ache, tissue removing or staining.


Riva Star has the next benefits


  1. FASTER Clinicians have to attend whereas SDF seeps into caries whereas Riva Star creates an instantaneous chemical response on the tooth floor that releases massive quantities of fluoride and silver iodide.
  2. “LESS TOOTH REMOVAL” * As fluoride from Riva Star penetrates additional into caries than SDF solely the removing of a minimal quantity of damaged down dentin is required
  3. “DOUBLE THE FLUORIDE  RELEASE”  When SDF reacts with KI, fluoride ions are launched into carious dentin at twice the focus and penetrate a lot additional into the caries than fluoride ions certain to silver in SDF.
  4. “ARRESTS CARIES AND FORMS A BACTERICIDAL SHIELD” The response of SDF and KI types a bactericidal protect of AgI over your entire floor of carious dentin to a depth of fifty microns.
  5. NO STAINING So long as all of the free silver ions have reacted, silver iodide is a creamy white precipitate that stabilizes as a tooth colored precipitate as soon as it turns into certain to protein inside the carious dentin and enamel.


  1. Acquire entry to caries by eradicating an current failed restoration as required.
  2. Put together the floor by disrupting any biofilm or badly damaged down caries with a dental explorer.
  3. It is very important etch the carious surfaces for 15 seconds to wash out any bioload within the dentinal tubules and expose carious collagen to allow the AgI to stabilize by bonding to the damaged down Wash and dry the preparation.
  4. Apply SDF to carious surfaces avoiding any adjoining mushy tissues.
  5. Instantly apply KI till the white precipitate turns into clear signalling the response of all free fluoride This can drop the pH of the SDF from 13 to 9.
  6. Wash away the reactant and dry.
  7. Apply Riva Self Treatment or Riva Mild Treatment both as a restoration or a base for a composite resin overlay.

Though dentists have been conscious of the advantages of SDF for nearly 50 years it has by no means discovered traction inside the dental occupation as a result of staining related to it; aside from restricted therapy of deciduous tooth, root caries and a few public well being programs.

Riva Star has the potential to revolutionize the worldwide administration of caries. It’s accredited by Well being Canada and the Brazilian Authorities for Caries Arrest and needs to be accredited around the globe.

Preliminary Cavity

Instantly publish placement

Instantly after restoration

4 months Xray publish placement


5 months publish placement

7 months publish placement

14 months publish placement


Geoff Knight                    BDSc MSc MBA PhD

Geoff Knight is a basic dentist and internationally famous dental speaker with particular pursuits in Minimal Intervention Aesthetic Dentistry.

He has pioneered a lot of modern medical procedures in aesthetic dentistry and the pharmacological administration of caries and is called on a number of patents. He has consulted extensively throughout the dental business and presently works with SDI and PDS.

He has been printed in Quintessence Worldwide, Australian Dental Journal and Journal of Periodontal Analysis. He has produced a collection of medical method movies and written over 100 articles on aesthetic and adhesive dentistry a lot of which have been translated into a lot of languages and printed internationally.


*Knight GM, McIntyre JM, Craig GG, Mulyani, Zilm PS, Gully NJ. Incapacity to kind a biofilm of Strep Mutans on silver fluoride and potassium iodide – handled demineralized dentin.
QI 2009; 40:156-161


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