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Stretches to help Relieve tension from Shoulder and Neck

Many of you might be aware of the problem that is the stiff shoulder and neck. The reason for this pain is mostly stress, improper sitting habits, and lack of physical activity. All of these are the common causes for the tension in the shoulder and neck but a little proper stretching done in an appropriate manner can not only provide relief but eliminate the problem altogether. The key point of doing the stretches of neck and shoulder is to be regular. Consistency is the only key to success in relieving the tension of neck and shoulder.

For our readers, we have gathered together a bunch of easy-to-do stretches to help them relieve tension in shoulder and neck.

Neck roll

Neck roll

This is one of the gentlest stretches to relieve the tension of the shoulder and neck.

  • Roll up a  clean towel
  • Place this towel under the base of the head
  • Allow the head to fall back to the floor direction and relax the body
  • Stay in this pose for at least 10 minutes until the head or neck feels pain

Clasping neck stretch

This exercise is designed to provide the maximum amount of stretch to the upper back and the backside of the neck.

  • Start by sitting comfortably on a  chair
  • Clasp both of the hands on the backside of the head
  • Now start pulling the head gently down. This will cause the chin to touch the chest area
  • Hold this position for at least 30 seconds and afterward, slowly retract to the original position
  • Release both of the hands

Lateral neck flexing stretch

Lateral neck flexing stretch

The purpose of this stretching exercise is to target the side muscle of the neck.

  • Sit down on either floor or a chair
  • Place the right hand on the top of the head and start pulling the head gently towards the right side
  • While pulling the head to the side, keep your back in straight position while the shoulders are relaxed
  • Hold this position for about 40 seconds and then let the head to slowly revert back to the original position
  • Repeat the same stretch on the left side

Upper Trapezius Stretch

The purpose of this stretch is to provide relief to neck and shoulder by keeping both these parts and their muscles engaged at the same time.

  • Start by standing up straight and placing your right arm on your back side and then grab hold of it with the left hand
  • Start pulling the hand towards the left foot
  • While pulling, start tilting the left ear in direction of the left shoulder
  • Hold this position for at least 20 seconds before repeating the same stretch on the left side

This stretch does not require the hand to be on the backside necessarily. You can also do it while keeping the hands on the front side. This will allow for an optimum Trapezius stretching from a different angle.

Levator scapulae stretch

Levator scapulae stretch

The purpose of this stretch is to target the sides of the shoulder and neck muscles.

  • Sit down on a  chair and grab hold of the chair from one side from the backside of the body
  • Place the tip of the chin on your chest area and the tip of the ear in direction of the left shoulder
  • In this position, start rotating the head at an angle of 45 degrees in the right direction and then the left direction. You can use the other hand over the top of the head to make this rotation but do not try to force it. All of the movements should be done as gently as possible.
  • Hold the rotational pose on each of the side for at least 30 seconds before changing to another

Thread the needle stretch

This stretch works by helping to release the tension developed in the upper back area and in-between the shoulder blades. The movements of this stretch should not be forced; instead, they should be gentle and smooth.

  • Start by sitting on the floor on the knees and hands
  • After this, slide your left arm with the palm facing upward between the legs and the right arm. While doing this maneuver, rotate the body until the head finally touches the ground.
  • Hold this position for 30 seconds before repeating it for the left side

Shoulders roll

The stretch aims to relieve the tension accumulated around the area of shoulders.

  • You can perform this stretch by either sitting or standing up but the  neck and the back must be in a straight position
  • Lift both shoulders upward and then roll them back and then down.
  • The movements of this stretch should not be forced. Doing this stretch, keep the chin tucked; trying to make the double chin.

Cross-body arm stretch

Cross-body arm stretch

This stretch helps not only the biceps but also the shoulders.

  • Start by standing up straight with shoulders being apart.
  • Cross the left arm across the chest
  • Use the right hand to pull on the left arm. This should be done only above the elbow while placing it closer to the body.
  • Hold this pose for 20 seconds
  • Repeat the same stretching maneuver on the opposite side

Cow-face pose

In this stretch, many muscles of the shoulders are targeted.

  • Start off by raising the left arm straight up and then bending it while bringing it on the back of the head.
  • Bring the right hand on the back of the neck and grab hold of the left hand.
  • Hold this pose for at least 10 seconds and then release both hands
  • Repeat the same stretching for the opposite side

If it is difficult to reach the fingers of both hands, and then try using a towel.

Straight-arm wall stretch

Straight-arm wall stretch

This is another great stretch for relieving the tension of shoulders.

  • Start by putting your right arm up against the wall with the palm facing either the ceiling or the wall.
  • Press on the shoulder against the wall
  • While you press on the shoulder, start moving a little away from the wall which will cause a  gentle stretch
  • Hold this pose for 30 seconds before repeating it for the other side

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