Super Foods To Help Fight Stress

Due to the hectic lifestyle of today’s human beings, stress is one of the common things that people experience nowadays. It is a well-known fact that too much stress can have numerous adverse effects on overall human health.

Stress can lead to following physical problems whether they are for the long term or for the short term.

  • Memory Impairment
  • Impairment in learning
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart diseases
  • Osteoporosis
  • Damaged immune system

While there are many over the counter drugs to help you deal with your stress, but they also have some die effects on the human body in addition to making a person addicted to them. It is always better to treat stress by changing your lifestyle like changes in your diet.

For our readers who are dealing with stress, we offer you some superfoods to help fight stress in your life.

Green Tea

Green Tea comes with powerful antioxidants like the following.

  • Polyphenols
  • Flavonoids
  • Catechins

These antioxidants provide body relief due to their calming effects and also promote a positive mood. In addition these antioxidants, green tea also is enriched with an amino acid named Theanine that also aids in promoting relaxation as well as improvement in attention and focus.

For those who do not like Green tea, they can instead drink Black Tea. Still, Green tea has an impressive effect on those who usually smoke a lot.


Blueberries are packed naturally with many antioxidants that allow them to help reduce the stress levels. They also are enriched with vitamins E and C plus minerals like manganese and magnesium that allows them to reduce stress.

If a person eats blueberries daily, it helps them deal with the following conditions.

  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Various mood disorders triggered mainly by stress

Blueberries can be eaten as they are or they can also be added in the snacks like cottage cheese or a fruit salad.

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate has trace levels of magnesium, a mineral that reduces the following conditions.

  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Irritability

An alternative way to avoid dark chocolate is to have it mixed in a warm glass of milk or to use it any kind of dessert.


Salmon is a cold-water fish, which is packed with high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids that comes with anti-inflammatory properties. These fatty acids also give a boost to the brain chemicals such as Serotonin which in turn gives the body feeling happiness. Increased serotonin levels also control the stress hormone Cortisol. Overall omega 3 fatty acids are best for improving the brain functionality.

Still, nutritionists only recommend about 2 to 3 servings of Salmon per week. Some other health fishes to deal with stress levels in the body are as follows.

  • Mackerel
  • Tuna
  • Sardines

Brown Rice

Brown rice is packed with high amounts of Vitamin B which are essential for the maintenance of following.

  • Cells
  • Tissues
  • Organs

This vitamin is also known for being natural mood stabilizer along with helping to maintain the biochemical reactions for the following functions.

  • Functioning of brain
  • Red blood cells
  • Immune system
  • Cardiac functioning

A body which has an adequate supply of Vitamin B is able to fight off stress and other mood disorders effectively.

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