Superfoods for Healthy Teeth

In order to prevent the teeth from cavities, decaying and other such gum diseases; it is better to practice dental practices like brushing and flossing. However, there are also some foods that actually play a key role in promoting good teeth health.

Few of the best foods that actually help the teeth to have better health are those that help to neutralize acids. These foods must also have the necessary minerals and vitamins that should help the teeth to repair their enamels and also stimulate saliva production.

For our readers, we have gathered a few of the superfoods for healthy teeth.



Milk is one of the foremost superfoods that actually help the teeth to have better health.  Milk is enriched with phosphorus and calcium along with Vitamin D. Vitamin D actually helps the teeth to make full use of the calcium. All of these nutrients are helpful in giving teeth better health and keep the bones strong.

Drinking milk on a daily basis actually helps the teeth to repair the weaned enamel and keep it strengthened. It also aids in fortifying the body’s bones. For those who are allergic to milk, they can switch to an alternative called Soy Milk which is also enriched with calcium.


Another great dairy product for teeth is the cheese. It helps keep the teeth strong and healthy along with being a salvia stimulant. Cheese is also enriched with both phosphorus and calcium that helps to naturalize the acids in the mouth. In addition to this, it also has Casein that fortifies the teeth’s surface.

For those who are suffering from cavities more than usual, they should add a little bit of cheese in their diet to prevent further decaying. To keep it interesting in diet, a person can eat any of the following cheeses.

  • Romano
  • Swiss
  •  part-skim ricotta
  • pasteurized American cheese
  • provolone
  • part-skim mozzarella
  • cheddar


Oranges are packed with the following nutrients which are all great for maintaining better teeth health.

  • Calcium
  • Vitamin C and Vitamin D

Orange Juice acts as a natural cleanser for your teeth by not only removing harmful bacteria but also preventing the teeth decay.

Orange juice happens to be a little extra acidic in nature, so it is recommended to brush and floss your teeth after drinking it. To maximize the result of orange juice, a person can add in other citrus fruit juices in it as well.


One of the great sources for calcium and protein is plain and non-fat yogurt. Consumption of yogurt on a daily basis helps promote better oral health. In addition to this, it also aids in weight loss.

Be aware to only eat yogurt that is low fat and has less sugar in it. To make it a little tasty, a person can add in some berries or other such fruits.

Sugarless Gums

According to various research studies, chewing gum is actually one of the best remedies to promote dental health. When a person chews gum, it stimulates saliva production. Salvia cleanses the mouth by washing away any acids that bacteria in the mouth produce. It also bathes the teeth in calcium and phosphorus that strengthen the teeth.

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